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Univfy Pre-IVF Report: Predicting Individual Patient Success at MCRM Fertility

MCRM Fertility is proud to announce, in conjunction with Univfy, a medical data analytics company, a new, unique model by which MCRM Fertility can predict an individual patient’s prospects of IVF success and IUI outcome. The model generates the Univfy Pre-IVF Report that is custom to each patient and is unique to MCRM Fertility.

MCRM Fertility is using this report to counsel patients with specific, personalized information about their chances of success with treatment specifically at our facility.  The information in this report is based on each patient’s personal health profile, including demographic factors such as age, BMI, clinical diagnoses and reproductive history.  Additionally, there are testing results such as semen analysis, ovarian reserve assessment and uterine assessment, etc., that are utilized to generate the report for an individual/couple outlining their medical issues and cross referencing against MCRM’s historical outcome data with our population of patients.  Unlike many available success evaluation calculators available on the internet which provides calculations of success based on age and national statistical data, the Univfy Pre-IVF Report validates success on an individual case level with MCRM Fertility’s success outcome data and past performance.

“This analytics report provides each patient with a personalized health overview specific to MCRM Fertility.  Patients have been requesting this type of report for many years and they often ask “what are your success rates?” as well as, “what are the odds of pregnancy for us?”  These are different questions, obviously, but now we have the ability to more accurately answer them.  Previously, we would provide patients the success of our clinic that was public information annually to organizations such as the CDC and SART.  However, that obviously is a population that is quite heterogeneous as we report data based on age and overall live birth rate over the course of all patients treated in a year.  This is not specific to the couple per se.  Now, we have the ability to tell patients and couples more specifically what their outcome will be based upon their specific clinical factors and demographic information.  This is a highly useful and powerful tool.

This report also allows patients to see how they compare with other couples at MCRM Fertility and what health factors are impacting their chances of success.  Such information can often lead to improved lifestyle choices and assists in counselling patients with regards to making changes therein. We are pleased to announce that MCRM Fertility has this ability and we are utilizing this with all patients,” explains MCRM Fertility’s medical director, Dr. Peter Ahlering.

The Univfy Pre-IVF Report gives the patient a treatment plan that provides for their best outcome.  Additionally, MCRM Fertility is now able to offer to more than 70% of our patients a guarantee/refund financial plan, the A.R.C.H. Refund program by utilization of this information.  Through its use more couples are able qualify for a refund program.  The option for a refund plan is one of many available financial plans that are offered at MCRM Fertility which patients can take advantage of.  The Univfy Pre-IVF Report allows us to build trust through transparency.


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