Thankful for MCRM & Dr. Ahlering

My husband and I got married in 2012 and we always knew we wanted kids! We started trying a couple years after we got married and always assumed it was going to happen. As the years went by, we started to realize something was not quite right. After digging into things, and several tests later, we realized having children was not going to be possible without fertility treatments.

We started looking at places and realizing the cost and thought that this was never going to be possible. However, after a long discussion and support from our families, we knew we would regret it if we never tried. So, we started the process with MCRM. It was not without its ups and downs and the whole thing seemed overwhelming at times.

Our first embryo took, and we were pregnant! I surprised my husband, and we told the family immediately! Unfortunately, come to find out, the baby never grew. As heartbroken as we were, we still had another shot. After speaking with Dr. Ahlering, we decided it was worth another try.

Our second embryo was our last shot. I cannot express how nervous and anxious we were after the first round failed; but Dr. Ahlering was very positive and comforting throughout the process. The second embryo took and started to grow. Given the heightened nerves this round, the staff was very accommodating to my random panics and were always willing to give us a checkup and make sure things were going well.

We cannot express the thankfulness we feel towards MCRM and Dr. Ahlering for giving us our baby boy! Finn was born and we could not be happier! Despite all the challenges fertility treatment presents, I would never change it for anything. Dr. Ahlering was more than helpful and we thank him for the best gift we have ever received!

Thank you!