Lesbian couple adoring their newly born baby via reciprocal IVF

Building Your Family Through Reciprocal IVF: A successful option for same-sex couples

By: Mira Aubuch, MD

Couples where both partners have female reproductive organs often have the desire to involve both partners, biologically, in having children, in a process called reciprocal IVF.  This entails one partner undergoing an egg retrieval, the obtained eggs are fertilized with donor sperm to create embryos, followed by an embryo transfer into the other partner.  Núñez and colleagues reported in July 2021 in LGBT Health that this method is highly successful, even more so than one partner undergoing both egg retrieval and embryo transfer. 

At MCRM Fertility we devote our energies to maximizing success with IVF, and have also found IVF to be highly successful in both reciprocal and non-reciprocal family building.  If you are ready to begin building your family, come talk to us; we would love to help.

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