new born baby with head band stating worth the wait

Worth the Wait & Forever thankful for MCRM

We first came to MCRM 18 months after trying to conceive and a miscarriage. This was during the middle of the pandemic and while our local doctor refused to do any further treatment steps until things calmed down, MCRM stepped up and treated us with such compassion and understanding. 

After the initial tests, we learned I had PCOS which was new information for us and gave us hope that we could still conceive with some assistance. We did several rounds of TI and then progressed to IUI. Unfortunately, all of these were unsuccessful, and we decided it was time to move on to IVF

After undergoing an egg retrieval in St. Louis 2 years to the month after our miscarriage, we ended up with 8 embryos to freeze. Talk about a sigh a relief!! We ended up doing a FET a couple months after that and got the best phone call ever that we were pregnant with our sweet baby girl! 

Everyone at the clinic from the front office to Dr. Ahlering and nurse practitioner, Leslie, were amazing to work with during what was a very long and stressful road. I will never forget Leslie calling me after the clinic had closed on a Friday to let me know that our IUI round had been unsuccessful. She could have waited and had someone call me Monday, but she wanted to deliver the news herself, so I didn’t stress all weekend. That is the kind of personal touch that makes MCRM so special, and I will forever be grateful for them for helping us create our little miracle! 


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