Patient Support Nov 2022 Coping with Infertility

Patient Support Event: Coping with Infertility During the Holidays

Infertility, Like Learning a new Language….

When walking the journey through infertility, patients have to learn a whole new language. You are so overwhelmed with emotions, anxiety and excitement and presented with many different terms. In addition, its HARD to find ways to communicate with family and friends. While one can TRY and relate or even understand, those that can empathize the best are the ones that are currently walking in similar shoes or that have been through this journey before.

We invite you to join us for our upcoming Patient Support Event, “Coping with Infertility During the Holiday’s” which will be offered at both MCRM Fertility locations.

It’s here that you’ll be empowered with stories of hope, encouragement, tips for coping, self-care resources and an engaging activity.

“For many couples, going through infertility is like a roller coaster ride, triumphs and even setbacks,” says Jennifer Bader, MCRM Patient Support Specialist.

The MCRM Patient Support Program serves as encouragement for current and perspective patients; an extra resource and sounding board, and an outlet for patients to support and interact with others.

“As a former patient, our Patient Support Specialist understands what patients are going through and can lend a supportive ear when times are tough and provide vital information on assistance available,” explains Medical Director, Dr. Peter Ahlering.

The patient support program is designed to bring patients together by providing opportunities for them to socialize with others walking in similar shoes. You’re invited to join us for this event in November at either our St Louis or Tulsa location. Those interested in attending are encouraged to RSVP in advance.

Refreshments and light snacks will be provided.

Questions? Please feel free to reach out to Jen Bader at:

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