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Does transferring a good-quality embryo with a lower-quality embryo reduce the probability of success?

September 14, 2020

This is a good study that indicates when transferring a lower quality blastocyst with a high-quality blastocyst, at the same time, it does not result in a decreased probability of success. In fact, there is a small increase in the number of live births.

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Seals of Quality Assurance Presented to MCRM Fertility

June 11, 2020

Today, Donor Egg Bank USA’s laboratory technical director, Wayne Caswell, awarded MCRM Fertility, lab director, Douglas Gliedt, PhD, HCLD and senior embryologist, Teresa Alred with Seals of Quality Assurance.    “When recipients are awarded the Donor Egg Bank USA Quality Assurance Certificate, it acknowledges that they have achieved outstanding demonstrable results. Achieving success while working with vitrified…

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Father’s Day Celebration & Giveaway

June 3, 2020

Father’s Day is such a special holiday for dads; however, its often that the men struggling with infertility struggle the most on this special day. MCRM Fertility is launching the Father’s Day 2020 Celebration. Here’s your chance to honor your spouse/significant other and have the chance to WIN an MCRM Fertility Father’s Day BBQ  Prize…

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Declining sperm counts over the past decades

June 1, 2020

As this article, “Sperm Counts Continue to Fall,” in the Atlantic points out, sperm counts have been known to be declining for decades, since the early 70s. Studies have shown that between 1973 and 2011 there was a decrease of 60% or more in total sperm counts and a decrease of more than 50% in…

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Everything You Need to Know About PCOS with Dr. Aubuchon

June 1, 2020

Dr. Aubuchon was a recent guest on the Egg Whisperer show and discussed PCOS. PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) impacts about 10% of women of childbearing age and is a common diagnosis of patients who experience difficulties conceiving. Watch and learn more regarding PCOS including: Misconceptions related to PCOS What are the causes of PCOS? How…

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Does having a previous c-section impact future fertility?

May 26, 2020

When it was so easy to conceive the first time, many women are blindsided by difficulties conceiving the second time.  A recent study, “Association between mode of first delivery and subsequent fecundity and fertility” Kjerulff et al, in JAMA sheds light on a possible cause, cesarean delivery. The National Center for Health Statistics reported 31.9%…

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Myth: Miscarriages arising from chromosomally abnormal (aneuploid) embryos occur only in older women

May 19, 2020

Although increased age is a risk factor for embryo aneuploidy (abnormality) and miscarriages, younger women (<35) are at substantial risk for producing aneuploid embryos particularly when they have a history of recurrent miscarriages.  It may be that in these women the uterine lining is too selective.  In other words, the uterine lining is inappropriately allowing…

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display of fruits and vegetables providing vitamins and antioxidants and possible impact on male fertility

Are Vitamins Beneficial for Sperm and Improving Male Factor Infertility?

May 5, 2020

A recently published study in Fertility and Sterility (Vol. 113, No. 3, March 2020), “The effect of antioxidants on male factor infertility; the Males, Antioxidants and Infertility (MOXI) randomized clinical trial” (Steiner et al) evaluated whether antioxidant use would improve male fertility. The evaluation of the male factor was completed through semen analysis parameters and…

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MYTH: More than (2) Growing Follicles During IUI Therapy Provides a Higher Pregnancy Rate

May 4, 2020

A recently published study in Obstetrics and Gynecology (Vol. 135, No. 5, May 2020), “Mature Follicle Count and Multiple Gestation Risk Based on Patient Age in Intrauterine Insemination Cycles with Ovarian Stimulation” (Evans et al) evaluated the risk of multiple level pregnancies by age group and the number of mature follicles obtained related to the…

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Picture of a baby sleeping that MCRM Fertility helped with

Forever grateful to Dr. Aubuchon and MCRM Fertility

April 21, 2020

After a year of fertility treatments with no success at another clinic, we were introduced to MCRM at an informational seminar. We were immediately put at ease by Dr Ahlering and Dr Aubuchon’s warm presence and extensive knowledge. It made us excited to start treatments again and renewed our hope. We found that we had…

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Don’t Delay, We’re Here for You Today

March 27, 2020

While the ongoing COVID-19 situation may have you believing you need to delay your plans for parenthood, you don’t. MCRM Fertility is continuing to assist individuals along their journey to parenthood and has available tele-health consultations with our providers. Continue along your journey from the comfort and safety of your home. To schedule an initial…

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HealthChoice of Oklahoma

March 17, 2020

To better assist our patients in Oklahoma, MCRM Fertility is excited to announce we are now an “IN-NETWORK” provider with HealthChoice. For specific insurance benefit coverage, please refer to your insurance policy.

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2020 IVF Cycle Dates

March 12, 2020

The 2020 IVF treatment cycle periods are provided below. Please note these dates are subject to change. March/April ~ Week of March 31st April/May ~ Week of April 28th June ~ Week of June 2nd July ~ Week of July 14th August ~ Week of August 11th September ~ Week of September 15th October ~…

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Overcoming Male Infertility

February 20, 2020

Male infertility is a very common problem. Some level of male factor is involved with probably 60% or more of in vitro fertilization cases that we see here at MCRM Fertility.  Sperm quantitative (count and concentration) and qualitative factors (morphology and DNA Fragmentation) are often at play.  The basic/traditional semen analysis that is usually done…

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