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baby girl wrapped in a purple blanket under a rainbow to represent being a rainbow baby

Secondary Infertility Defeated: A Patient Testimonial

I struggled with secondary infertility. We had been seen once at another clinic, across town, and the treatment left us feeling more heartbroken and confused. I even cried once we got into the car. I had almost given up hope to expand our family. Our lives changed after walking through the MCRM doors. At the…

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Photo of Leslie King, APRN, WNP-BC, MCRM Fertility Tulsa, with announcement of being elected to ASRM Advanced Practice Provider Profeesional Group (APPPG)

Leslie King, APRN, WHNP-BC: Elected to Executive Committee of the ASRM Advanced Practice Provider Professional Group

The American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) recently launched the new Advanced Practice Provider Professional Group (APPPG). This group includes nurse practitioners, physician assistants and nurse midwives with the aim of establishing an organized presence within ASRM. The role of the Advanced Practice Provider continues to grow within the reproductive medicine community. The APPPG will…

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mcrm fertility ivf cycle dates October, November, December 2023

2023 IVF & FET Cycle Dates: October, November, December

October 10/10/2023 – 10/13/2023 -Frozen Embryo Transfers 10/19/2023 – 10/25/2023– IVF Egg Retrievals November 10/31/2023 – 11/03/2023 -Frozen Embryo Transfers 11/09/2023 – 11/15/2023– IVF Egg Retrievals December 12/07/2023 – 12/13/2023– IVF Egg Retrievals 12/19/2023 – 12/22/2023 -Frozen Embryo Transfers

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Legal Considerations for Third-Party Reproduction

MCRM Fertility and the Matching Miracles fresh egg donor program was pleased to have one of the nation’s leading fertility law attorneys, Tim Schlesinger, of Midwest Fertility Law Group, present on the legal considerations one should consider whenever the use of third-party reproduction is considered or utilized. In this one-hour presentation Tim discussed and reviewed…

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Tubal Reversal vs. IVF: What are the best treatment options for couples who desire fertility or pregnancy after tubal sterilization?

By: Vinita Alexander, MD / aid of ChatGPT The answers depend on many factors, including the type of original surgery performed at the time of original sterilization and remaining tubal length post-surgery, age of the female, and comorbidities in the female (For example, cases in which significant scarring of the tube may be present, like…

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Tracy Birkinbine speaking at MCRM Fertility about how to cope with infertility and the consideration of use of third-party reproduction.

Traversing the Emotional Journey of Infertility and Third-Party Reproduction

The journey through infertility, alone,  in addition to the consideration and use of third-party reproduction can be emotionally draining and difficult. Recently, we had the pleasure to sit down with licensed professional counselor, Tracy Birkinbine, of Counseling with TLC, to discuss the topic of traversing infertility and the emotional journey of third-party reproduction to understand…

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Dr. Vinita Alexander of McRM Fertility being interviewed in the Y98 studio by Julie Tristan discussing fertility, egg freezing and national infertility awareness week.

NIAW 2023: Dr. Vinita Alexander discusses egg freezing and supplements/testosterone therapy regarding fertility

This week is National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW) 2023.  To help spread awareness on egg freezing, supplements to assist with fertility and to dispel the myth for men that testosterone therapy increases fertility, Dr. Vinita Alexander was a guest on The Wake Up with Bret and Julie show on Y98 today.  We welcome you to…

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2023 IVF & FET Cycle Dates: July, August, September

July 07/13/2023 – 07/19/2023– IVF Egg Retrievals August 08/01/2023 – 08/04/2023 -Frozen Embryo Transfers 08/17/2023 – 08/23/2023– IVF Egg Retrievals September 09/12/2023 – 09/15/2023 -Frozen Embryo Transfers 09/21/2023 – 09/27/2023– IVF Egg Retrievals

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Does Hypogonadism Affect Your Fertility?

At MCRM Fertility, we are dedicated to helping our patients work through their fertility difficulties and start the families they dream of. If you are suffering from hypogonadism, you may have questions about how it may affect your chances of having children. Discover the impact hypogonadism may have on the ability to have children and…

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Questions to Ask Your Fertility Specialist

For some couples, conceiving is easy; for others, it’s an uphill climb. If your own situation feels like that uphill climb, a fertility specialist can help you realize your dream of parenthood. Specifically, if you are female under age 35 (or over age 35) who has not prevented pregnancy for over 12 months (or 6…

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Understand the Process: What You Need to Know About IVF

What should you expect if you are planning to do IVF? Here at MCRM Fertility, we strive to customize our services to the needs of each patient and clearly explain the steps of the evaluation and recommended treatment. Understanding each step can help you feel more confident about the treatment. In vitro fertilization (IVF) is…

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What Steps Should You Take If You Can’t Get Pregnant?

When trying to conceive, a patient may feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and hopeless. At MCRM Fertility, we are experienced in family building, and our treatments offer hope. Treatments include in vitro fertilization (IVF) and intrauterine insemination. Here are the steps you should take if you can’t get pregnant: Visit a Fertility Clinic If you are under…

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You’re Invited: Traversing the Emotional Journey of Third-Party Reproduction

MCRM Fertility has partnered with Tracy Birkinbine, licensed professional counselor, to help those understand the emotional journey of third-party reproduction. Tracy will be speaking on the topic of “Traversing the Emotional Journey of Third-Party Reproduction,” at MCRM Fertility’s (Chesterfield) patient education suite on, Wednesday, April 12. 2023 at 7:00 pm, 17300 N. Outer Forty, 2nd…

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a woman's belly receiving an injection of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH)

More follicle-stimulating hormone may not improve outcomes, but can it be counterproductive?

Peter M. Ahlering, MD This is an excellent summary of a recent article in the journal Fertility and Sterility. For decades, there’s been a debate about how much stimulation medication is best, low amounts, average, or high amounts. In the old days, higher stimulation was utilized all the time (450- 750 units daily sometimes). Then,…

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