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Fertility Preservation As A Benefit Package

October 15, 2014

The MCRM Fertility, through the Institute of Fertility Preservation (IFP) , offers fertility preservation for both male and female patients including Egg Freezing Sperm Freezing Embryo Freezing But why does a patient opt to preserve their fertility? Often, it is to preserve the fertility for future use after battling through a serious illness and its…

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Know How Your Biological Clock Ticks: Attend MCRM’s Fertility & Genetic Screening Day

October 9, 2014

MCRM Fertility & Women’s Health Center is extremely excited to be offer a second “Fertiity & Genetics Carrier” Screening Event, November 7th and November 8th. In August, we held our first such event and had such overwhelming demand that we wanted to be able to offer this critical testing to those who were unable to…

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Dr. Ahlering Discusses Important Items To Know About Miscarriage

October 6, 2014

Dr. Ahlering was a guest on KTVI Fox 2 in the Morning and spoke on the topic and miscarriage. Specifically, he shared key points women should be aware about regarding miscarriage and infertility.

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Miscarriage Dangers, Diagnosis And Assistance For Future Successful Pregnancy

September 29, 2014

A recent NBC News story, Hidden Dangers of Miscarriages Scar Would-Be Moms, highlightsthe potential hidden dangers regarding miscarriage and the potential long-term link to infertility. The story also opens the door to discussion of the importance of diagnosing the “real” cause of miscarriage and possible treatment options for future successful pregnancies. Beyond the understanding of…

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Busch Stadium The Scene Of Big Announcement

September 8, 2014

The American Cancer Society projects nearly 142,000 new cancer cases in individuals under the age of 45 in 2014. Many of these cases will occur in individuals at peak reproductive age, 25-35 years. The battle to overcome cancer, alone, is a difficult and trying one. Unfortunately, many of these individuals will also face future infertility…

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The Rampant Abuse Of Natural Killer (NK) Cell Testing

August 21, 2014

THE USE AND ABUSE OF NATURAL KILLER CELL TESTING IS RAMPANT IN THE FIELD OF REPRODUCTIVE MEDICINE AND IN THE REALM OF EVALUATING COUPLES WITH PREGNANCY LOSSES. This following study and other articles recently cast tremendous doubt on the entire way in which this is managed by IVF programs and office practices. Patients need to…

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Dr. Peter Ahlering Discusses 3-Parent IVF On KMOX 1120 AM

July 7, 2014

Dr. Peter Ahlering, medical director, was an invited guest on theMark Reardon show on KMOX 1120AM, in St. Louis, today. He discussed the topice of three parent IVF with Mark and highlighted this experimental procedure in the field of reproductive medicine. Listen to the complete interview/story (The 3rd Audio File) Read the initial article of…

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MCRM To Host FREE Genetics & Fertility Screening Event

July 1, 2014

MCRM Fertility and Women’s Health Center will be hosting a special event and you’re invited. This special event, concerning genetic carrier and fertility screening, will be provided at NO OUT OF POCKET COST to the patient. The event will be held at our center, in the Chesterfield Valley at Boones Crossing and I-64/US40, Friday August…

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2015 MCRM Fertility Cycle Treatment Dates

July 1, 2014

MCRM Fertility has announced the 2015 fertility cycle dates. They are: January Week of January 12th February Week of February 23rd April Week of April 6th May Week of May 11th June Week of June 15th July Week of July 20th August Week of August 17th September Week of September 21st October Week of October…

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Coping With Infertility On Father’s Day

June 13, 2014

By Dr. Diane Sanford – MCRM Affiliated Physchologist As a psychologist, I’ve been counseling couples experiencing infertility for over 25 years, and know that occasions like Father’s Day/Mother’s Day can be very challenging. Here are some recommendations to help you cope. Acknowledge whatever you’re experiencing. If you feel angry, sad, unhappy, lost, or numb, to…

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The Importance Of Routine Fertility Screening For Women

June 12, 2014

Avoid Future Fertility Frustration Whether or not a young lady is already interested in having a child or may be planning on having one some day in the future, it is important for one to know their basic fertility outlook. At MCRM Fertility and Women’s Health Center, we employ comprehensive fertility assessment techniques that provide…

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Understanding The Differences Between Semen Analysis Tests And Methods And Their Impacts On Results

June 9, 2014

A recent trend over the past 30 years has been for individuals to delay child birth in order to achieve their financial and career goals. As a result, such couples often are now faced with questions and concerns related to their fertility. When these questions and concerns first arise, the usual first step is to…

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Annie Passanisi Discusses Living Life With A Positive BRCA Gene Diagnosis: Her Concerns, Plans For Prevention & Future Fertility

June 5, 2014

Fertility preservation will be a standard medical option for the future generations of young people, both diagnosed with the risk of developing cancer and for those diagnosed with immediate cases of it. Chicago actress and St. Louis native, Annie Passanisi, is one of these young individuals. Annie has been diagnosed with a positive BRCA gene,…

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Missouri Improves Grade In Recent Fertility Report Card; However, Work Remains/ Illinois Remains An Infertility Friendly State

June 3, 2014

(Chesterfield, Missouri) The MCRM Fertility (MCRM Fertility) and Dr. Peter Ahlering have been taking steps, over the past year, to help broaden awareness of infertility in Missouri and Illinois through community outreach and education. It appears these steps have helped as the state of Missouri has improved their “F” grade from 2013 to a “D”…

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