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Chaos In The Embryo: Genetics + Fertility = Outcome

April 4, 2016

Recent literature and studies have shown that through the use of chromosomal assessment , human embryos are even more unstable than previously thought. An analysis of embryos derived from fertility treatments, reveals the high rate of abnormalities in these embryos. It has been well known for a long time that high rates of chromosomal abnormality occur in human eggs which leads to chromosomal abnormalities (aneuplo)

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why your April Fools Joke isn't a joke at all

April Fool’s Day Is No Joke: A View Through The Eyes Of An Infertility Patient

March 31, 2016

To many, April Fool’s Day is all FUN and GAMES. To someone that is struggling with infertility or history of miscarriage, it’s no JOKE. As someone who has been in the shoes of “infertility” there’s nothing that hurts more than others PRETENDING to be something that they are not. This April Fool’s day, you, too,…

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different versus the same

“Yeah Me Too” Episode 11: The Same Isn’t The Same

January 19, 2016

Lindsay continues her series, “Yeah Me Too” with a candid review of proceeding with a second IVF cycle and how the same is not exactly the same.

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sperm quality with age

Sperm Banking: Conquering The Male Biological Clock

November 12, 2015

It is a very common situation that we run in to where we have moderate to severemale factor infertility. By definition, a moderate to severe male factor is a very low count and motility on a traditional semen analysis; this would not be qualitative abnormalities such as DNA Fragmentation but simply a quantitative determination. 90%…

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MCRM’s 2016 IVF Treatment Cycle Dates

October 5, 2015

Are you desiring to be pregnant in 2016! MCRM is ready to assist you. If you are interested in pursuing treatment with in vitro fertilization (IVF), MCRM is pleased to announce our (10) IVF treatment cycle dates for 2016. Treatment will be available every month except for March and December. The dates listed indicate the…

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Patient Support Program Launches At MCRM Fertility

June 16, 2015

Nearly eight years ago, MCRM’s New Patient Liaison and Patient Support Specialist, Jennifer Bader and her husband Dale heard some of the most hurtful words that any couple would want to hear; “you’ll never be able to conceive a child”; Jennifer Bader says, “being strong willed and determined to have a family we did not…

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MCRM To Offer Good Will Reduced Cost Care For Recurrent Miscarriage, Natural Killer Cells And Previous IVF Failure

December 17, 2014

CHESTERFIELD, MO – December 11, 2014 – Dr. Peter Ahlering and the Missouri Center for Reproductive Medicine ( MCRM Fertility ) will b eoffering a special goodwill, reduced cost fertility treatment care to assist patients who have previously had difficulty either becoming pregnant or maintaining a successful pregnancy and have been diagnosed with any of…

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Reducing Stress During The Holiday Season

December 17, 2014

Often, the holidays can be stressful and difficult. The following suggestions are designed to help you create a peaceful and happy holiday experience. Likewise, they will serve you well throughout the year if you practice them regularly. Practice self-care. Nourish yourself physically by healthy eating and exercise. Make time for meals-your body can’t run without…

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10 Common Questions About Pregnancy Answered

December 1, 2014

Are you or someone you know currently pregnant? If so, there are likely several common questions that you may have including: Why does morning sickness affect some pregnancies but not all? Can one increase the odds of having a boy or a girl? (Dr. Ahlering contributes) Why your hair is thicker or you skin glows?…

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Fertility Preservation As A Benefit Package

October 15, 2014

The Missouri Center for Reproductive Medicine, through the Institute of Fertility Preservation (IFP) , offers fertility preservation for both male and female patients including Egg Freezing Sperm Freezing Embryo Freezing But why does a patient opt to preserve their fertility? Often, it is to preserve the fertility for future use after battling through a serious…

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Know How Your Biological Clock Ticks: Attend MCRM’s Fertility & Genetic Screening Day

October 9, 2014

MCRM Fertility & Women’s Health Center is extremely excited to be offer a second “Fertiity & Genetics Carrier” Screening Event, November 7th and November 8th. In August, we held our first such event and had such overwhelming demand that we wanted to be able to offer this critical testing to those who were unable to…

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Dr. Ahlering Discusses Important Items To Know About Miscarriage

October 6, 2014

Dr. Ahlering was a guest on KTVI Fox 2 in the Morning and spoke on the topic and miscarriage. Specifically, he shared key points women should be aware about regarding miscarriage and infertility. This video appearance correlates with a recent story and post regarding ” Miscarriage Dangers, Diagnosis and Assistance for Future Successful Pregnancy.”

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Miscarriage Dangers, Diagnosis And Assistance For Future Successful Pregnancy

September 29, 2014

A recent NBC News story, Hidden Dangers of Miscarriages Scar Would-Be Moms, highlightsthe potential hidden dangers regarding miscarriage and the potential long-term link to infertility. The story also opens the door to discussion of the importance of diagnosing the “real” cause of miscarriage and possible treatment options for future successful pregnancies. Beyond the understanding of…

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Busch Stadium The Scene Of Big Announcement

September 8, 2014

The American Cancer Society projects nearly 142,000 new cancer cases in individuals under the age of 45 in 2014. Many of these cases will occur in individuals at peak reproductive age, 25-35 years. The battle to overcome cancer, alone, is a difficult and trying one. Unfortunately, many of these individuals will also face future infertility…

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