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open liquid nitrogen tank for IVF

Embryo, Egg, Sperm Cryo-Tank Assurance

March 12, 2018

With the recent news of embryo cryo-storage tank malfunctions at multiple fertility care centers within the last week, we at MCRM Fertility would like to assure our patients and prospective patients that we are remaining on top of the situation and being proactive.  At this time, we clearly don’t know all of the details related…

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glass star award

Lab Director, Douglas Gliedt, PhD, HCLD Awarded as Best Embryologist in Egg Freezing

October 31, 2017

San Antonio, Texas – MCRM Fertility (MCRM Fertility) is a preferred location of Donor Egg Bank USA, a California Cryobank Company, and was awarded an award of excellence for superior outcomes in egg vitrification at the 2017 American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) conference in San Antonio, Texas, October 29, 2017. The award for highest…

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Dr. Doug Gliedt presents Lab 101, what occurs behind the fertility center lab door at MCRM Fertility

Lab101: Learn What Takes Place Behind the Lab Door

October 26, 2017

MCRM Fertility Lab Director, Dr. Gliedt, will be the next host presenter of Doctors and Donuts, Friday, November 10th at 7:15 am. Grab a light breakfast and enjoy a cup of Joe before starting your day and at the same time learn a little bit of how a fertility center’s laboratory works and what takes…

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Infertility Couple

A Ten Year Retrospective to Today: My Infertility Journey

May 22, 2017

Ten Years ago today, I was a first grade teacher, living LIFE teaching a classroom full of 27 first grade students. Ten Years ago today, I was a wife yearning for a child that once was told was never possible. Ten Years ago today, I was a scared and yet excited patient of Dr. Peter…

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Zika & Fertility: ASRM Guidelines For Reproductive Age Women & Men

September 16, 2016

Planning on Pregnancy but Traveling to Zika Affected Areas? Be Prepared The American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) updated their guidelines for reproductive age women and men, September 13, 2016. Following are the guidelines: Women and men who have Zika virus disease should wait at least 6 months after onset of illness to attempt reproduction.…

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Preserving Fertility Prior To Traveling Into Zika Infected Areas

July 5, 2016
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MCRM Fertility Receives Egg Cryopreservation Accreditation

June 30, 2016

The number of women in the United States choosing to preserve their future fertility through the process of freezing their eggs has grown more than seven times in the last five years; from just 500 cycles in 2009 to nearly 6,200 cycles in 2014, according to the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology, which collects data…

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sperm quality with age

Sperm Banking: Conquering The Male Biological Clock

November 12, 2015

It is a very common situation that we run in to where we have moderate to severemale factor infertility. By definition, a moderate to severe male factor is a very low count and motility on a traditional semen analysis; this would not be qualitative abnormalities such as DNA Fragmentation but simply a quantitative determination. 90%…

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Fertility Preservation As A Benefit Package

October 15, 2014

The MCRM Fertility, through the Institute of Fertility Preservation (IFP) , offers fertility preservation for both male and female patients including Egg Freezing Sperm Freezing Embryo Freezing But why does a patient opt to preserve their fertility? Often, it is to preserve the fertility for future use after battling through a serious illness and its…

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Busch Stadium The Scene Of Big Announcement

September 8, 2014

The American Cancer Society projects nearly 142,000 new cancer cases in individuals under the age of 45 in 2014. Many of these cases will occur in individuals at peak reproductive age, 25-35 years. The battle to overcome cancer, alone, is a difficult and trying one. Unfortunately, many of these individuals will also face future infertility…

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