fertility screening

The Importance Of Routine Fertility Screening For Women

June 12, 2014

Avoid Future Fertility Frustration Whether or not a young lady is already interested in having a child or may be planning on having one some day in the future, it is important for one to know their basic fertility outlook. At MCRM Fertility and Women’s Health Center, we employ comprehensive fertility assessment techniques that provide…

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Understanding The Differences Between Semen Analysis Tests And Methods And Their Impacts On Results

June 9, 2014

A recent trend over the past 30 years has been for individuals to delay child birth in order to achieve their financial and career goals. As a result, such couples often are now faced with questions and concerns related to their fertility. When these questions and concerns first arise, the usual first step is to…

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Annie Passanisi Discusses Living Life With A Positive BRCA Gene Diagnosis: Her Concerns, Plans For Prevention & Future Fertility

June 5, 2014

Fertility preservation will be a standard medical option for the future generations of young people, both diagnosed with the risk of developing cancer and for those diagnosed with immediate cases of it. Chicago actress and St. Louis native, Annie Passanisi, is one of these young individuals. Annie has been diagnosed with a positive BRCA gene,…

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Missouri Improves Grade In Recent Fertility Report Card; However, Work Remains/ Illinois Remains An Infertility Friendly State

June 3, 2014

(Chesterfield, Missouri) The MCRM Fertility (MCRM Fertility) and Dr. Peter Ahlering have been taking steps, over the past year, to help broaden awareness of infertility in Missouri and Illinois through community outreach and education. It appears these steps have helped as the state of Missouri has improved their “F” grade from 2013 to a “D”…

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First Time Births For Older Moms On The Increase

May 9, 2014

Since the 1970s, the trend in women delaying child birth until later in life has been on the rise. A newly released report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Center for Health Statistics shows a significant increase in first-time births to women 35 years of age and older. The studies results indicate…

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