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The MCRM Fertility staff celebrating the 40th birthday of the world's first IVF baby

Celebrating World Embryologist Day and the 40th Birthday of the World’s First IVF Baby

July 25, 2018

Today, July 25, 2018, is a very special day in the field of Assisted Reproductive Technology. It is World Embryologist Day and the 40th birthday of the world’s first IVF baby, Louise Brown.  If you have ever wondered what it is like to be an embryologist or what joys and difficulties they face, you will…

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Grieving couple after being told that they had a miscarriage

Coping with Miscarriage as an Individual and as a Couple

May 10, 2018

Recently, Stephen Mitchell, MDiv, PhD, LPC, LMFT, a licensed professional counselor and licensed marriage and family therapist, stopped in to be part of Focus on Fertility to discuss how individuals and couples can cope with miscarriage. Miscarriage is the most common cause of pregnancy loss.  Research studies have estimated that approximately 20% of all known…

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A line diagram of the western world's declining fertility rate since 1970

Western World Crisis…Lowering Fertility Rates

May 4, 2018

It is a complex social and population issue; however, there are steps that can be taken but it requires us to be aware and have a general understanding. Beginning in the mid-1960s, a trend of lowering fertility rates has been recorded in the United States with an all-time low of 62.0 births per 1,000 women…

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A baby being held by it's mother at the Infertility Awareness Day at the Ballpark 2018

Infertility Awareness Day at the Ballpark 2018

April 24, 2018

The second annual Infertility Awareness Day at the Ballpark commenced on Sunday, April 22, 2018 as a kick-off event to National Infertility Awareness Week in St. Louis, Missouri. Nearly 250 participants took part at Busch Stadium. The weather, in general, held out for most of the game with only a few sprinkles from time-to-time and…

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ReceptivaDx, A New Test to Find Answers for IVF Failure

April 18, 2018

A newly available test, now available to patients of MCRM Fertility, ReceptivaDxTM, can be utilized to help dig for further answers as to why IVF failures might occur. Even when PGS tested, euploid “normal” embryos are transferred, an estimated 30% of the transfers fail. Why? Dr. Ahlering and Dr. Aubuchon have a strong standing belief that…

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teal ribbon for PCOS awareness with words of pcos symptoms

Focus on Fertility Ep4: Learn About Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

April 12, 2018

MCRM Fertility physician, and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome specialist, Dr. Mira Aubuchon, was a recent guest on the Focus on Fertility podcast. In this episode, Dr. Aubuchon introduces what Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is, it’s symptoms and how it can impact one’s fertility.  If you have PCOS or PCOS symptoms and would like to discuss you circumstances…

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sceenshot of an embryoscope with two developing embryos

Focus on Fertility Ep3: Embryo Technology to Select a Better Embryo

April 4, 2018

In this week’s episode of Focus on Fertility, we are joined by Susie Oliver of Vitrolife to discuss the Embryoscope time-lapse incubator and how it can be used to assist couples achieve a healthier and better embryo. Research has shown the Embryoscope: Can Improve Pregnancy Rates Provides embryologist with more information regarding embryo development Regulates…

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women's belly with acupuncture needles

Focus on Fertility: The Benefits of Acupuncture and Fertility

March 27, 2018

In this week’s episode of Focus on Fertility, guest John Schmieder of Community Acupuncture of St Louis, speaks about the benefits of acupuncture to assist with fertility. Tune in to Focus on Fertility on iTunes, Google Play, iHeart Radio and PodcastOne or listen now.

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camera focus on an egg and sperm

Focus on Fertility: A New National, Fertility-Specific Podcast

March 23, 2018

As an individual, who myself along with my wife, struggled with infertility more than a decade ago, the one thing I sought the most was information and understanding. But all too often, what could be discovered was either the write ups available on fertility center’s website, what was presented in my Google search or simply…

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