2022 April-June IVF Cycle and FET Cycle Dates

January 28, 2022

MCRM Fertility will be offering IVF and FET treatment cycles during the April-June period in 2022 on the following dates: April 04/01/2022 – 04/06/2022 – IVF Egg Retrievals 04/19/2022 – St. Louis & Tulsa Frozen Embryo Transfers 04/20/2022 – St. Louis & Tulsa Frozen Embryo Transfers 04/21/2022 – St. Louis Frozen Embryo Transfers 01/22/2022 – St. Louis Frozen Embryo Transfers…

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Sperm DNA Fragmentation Testing; a SWOT Analysis

January 29, 2021

Sperm DNA influences embryo development and, in turn, the likelihood of establishing a healthy pregnancy and delivery in both natural and assisted cases. Roughly 15% of couples are affected by infertility worldwide. Directly or indirectly, male infertility is accountable for 60% of those instances. Still, half of those male infertility cases conclude to be unexplained…

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MCRM Fertility embryologist preparing slides while sitting at an IVF workstation

2021 IVF/FET Cycles (February-July)

January 15, 2021

MCRM Fertility will be offering IVF and FET treatment cycles during the February-July period in 2021 on the following dates: February 02/01/2021-02/08/2021 – IVF Cycle Week 02/22/2021 – St. Louis Frozen Embryo Transfers 02/23/2021 – St. Louis & Tulsa Frozen Embryo Transfers 02/24/2021 – St. Louis & Tulsa Frozen Embryo Transfers 02/25/2021 – St. Louis…

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COVID 19 Vaccine and Pregnancy

COVID-19 Vaccine: Is it recommended for pre-pregnancy and pregnancy patients?

December 21, 2020

The upcoming availability of the SARS-CoV-2 vaccine to reduce the risks of contracting the virus and to reduce the risks becoming ill with COVID-19 is certainly encouraging news during this difficult year.  Many of you have asked us about receiving a vaccine when it becomes available. The information we have now may evolve over time,…

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Seals of Quality Assurance Presented to MCRM Fertility

June 11, 2020

Today, Donor Egg Bank USA’s laboratory technical director, Wayne Caswell, awarded MCRM Fertility, lab director, Douglas Gliedt, PhD, HCLD and senior embryologist, Teresa Alred with Seals of Quality Assurance.    “When recipients are awarded the Donor Egg Bank USA Quality Assurance Certificate, it acknowledges that they have achieved outstanding demonstrable results. Achieving success while working with vitrified…

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Father’s Day Celebration & Giveaway

June 3, 2020

Father’s Day is such a special holiday for dads; however, its often that the men struggling with infertility struggle the most on this special day. MCRM Fertility is launching the Father’s Day 2020 Celebration. Here’s your chance to honor your spouse/significant other and have the chance to WIN an MCRM Fertility Father’s Day BBQ  Prize…

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Don’t Delay, We’re Here for You Today

March 27, 2020

While the ongoing COVID-19 situation may have you believing you need to delay your plans for parenthood, you don’t. MCRM Fertility is continuing to assist individuals along their journey to parenthood and has available tele-health consultations with our providers. Continue along your journey from the comfort and safety of your home. To schedule an initial…

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HealthChoice of Oklahoma

March 17, 2020

To better assist our patients in Oklahoma, MCRM Fertility is excited to announce we are now an “IN-NETWORK” provider with HealthChoice. For specific insurance benefit coverage, please refer to your insurance policy.

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2020 IVF Cycle Dates

March 12, 2020

The 2020 IVF treatment cycle periods are provided below. Please note these dates are subject to change. March/April ~ Week of March 31st April/May ~ Week of April 28th June ~ Week of June 2nd July ~ Week of July 14th August ~ Week of August 11th September ~ Week of September 15th October ~…

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A computer generated graphic of the ICS process. Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) has become the most frequently used technique of fertilization in assisted reproductive technology.

Paternal Lifestyle Effects on ICSI

August 6, 2018

Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) has become the most frequently used technique of fertilization in assisted reproductive technology. The primary reasons for its acclaim stem from its efficacy, and the standardization of the procedure, which means that it can easily be integrated into the routine practice of fertility centers across the world.  Add to it the…

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