Gateway to Parenthood 2019

Focusing on the Entire Individual/Couple

Gateway to Parenthood 2019 was held, Saturday, March 9, 2019 at the Ameristar Casino Resort in St. Charles, Missouri. Hundreds attended to learn about ways to build their family from traditional assisted reproductive technologies, such as IUI and IVF, to embryo adoption, to the use of donor eggs and surrogacy.  Additional therapies were also discussed and presented including acupuncture, chiropractic care, healthy nutrition and mindfulness.  In total, twenty presenters from across the nation and from different backgrounds helped to educate, uplift and inspire.

Here is what some of the attendees have shared:

  • “Thank you so much for this very informative and inspiring event”
  • “This is a great event…Lots of great information”
  • “My husband and I talked thoroughly about the topics we saw. It changed our relationship in a positive manner.”
  • “I was very impressed with the whole event. I will go back next year as I did learn a lot and it was also emotionally helpful.”
  • “The speakers were great…It’s rejuvenating to know that we are not along in this process”
  • “Overall, the experience was great…I didn’t expect to enjoy the community aspect but did”

Supporters of the event were also present to help provide additional information and resources. Thank you to all of the supporters and especially this year’s “Hero’s of Hope”.

Cooper Genomics

Provides genetic testing for every step of the family planning journey. Through expanded PGT-A, PGT-M, PGT-SR and beyond, Cooper Genomics is committed to advancing the field of reproductive genetics, improving outcomes, and empowering families worldwide.

Ferring Pharmaceuticals

Ferring’s mission is to help patients live better lives… by researching, developing, manufacturing and marketing the most effective and innovative products in reproductive health, women’s health, urology, gastroenterology, endocrinology and orthopedics.


Igenomix USA is a medical testing laboratory specializing in reproductive genetic services.  The laboratory is affiliated to Igenomix SL, a global company with headquarters in Valencia, Spain and a growing number of affiliates worldwide.

Matching Miracles

Matching Miracles is a full-service egg donor agency, matching those who dream of being a parent with quality donors bringing the dream of parenthood to reality.  Matching Miracles believes it is a responsibility to assist ALL intended parents with the ability to grow their family in an economical manor. We are committed to providing, to both intended parents and donors, an unparalleled experience filled with professionalism, personalized attention and expert guidance.

MCRM Fertility

MCRM Fertility strives to ease your stress and calm your emotions by providing patient focused care with proven results.  MCRM Fertility is the only fertility center in the region to have been named an ASRM Nursing Center of Excellence.  MCRM Fertility is a proud member of the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART).


Sema4® is a patient-centered health intelligence company founded on the idea that more information, deeper analysis, and increased engagement will improve the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease. Our unique advanced analytics platform is enabling us to generate a more complete understanding of disease and wellness and extract individualized insights into human health, starting with reproductive health and oncology.


Vitrolife has been at the forefront of IVF since the beginning, with a 30-year track record of development and collaboration with universities, clinics, and customers worldwide. The result is an unbroken chain of innovative high-quality products that ensures optimal care at every step throughout IVF treatment.