The Fertility Treatment Process

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At the Missouri Center for Reproduction Medicine, we pride ourselves on providing the most advanced and comprehensive evaluation and treatment options on the market. However, we don't have a plan of care that acts as a "one size fits all" solution for every patient. Instead, any plan of care is tailored to meet your individual needs.

The fertility treatment process is simple and includes:

  • Contacting our office and scheduling a consultation
  • Additional testing to confirm a diagnosis
  • Discussing a recommended treatment process with Dr. Ahlering
  • Following through with the specific treatment

Depending on your plan of care, the details of the treatment may vary. For example, some patients may wish to pursue an advanced fertility treatment, such as In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). Others, however, may opt for different treatments such as simply monitoring a menstrual cycle, to controlled ovarian hyperstimulated timed intercourse (COH TI) or COH IUI (Intra Uterine Insemination).

Once the decision has been made about which treatment option is to be pursued, then of course, the final decision is "When do we proceed with treatment?" Of course, only when one has a complete understanding of the issues can treatment be pursued, in an optimal fashion. In turn, this maximizes the overall chance of success of the treatment chosen, the ultimate goal.

Thus, ultimately we are trying to answer a series of questions. These include:

  1. What are the problems that are adversely affecting fertility? That is to say, what are the medical problems at hand for this couple.
  2. What are the treatment options available?
  3. What are the chances, given our set of circumstances and problems, of any treatment resulting in ongoing pregnancy?
  4. How do we best pursue the treatment and manage the treatment to optimize our chances?
  5. What are the costs of these treatment options?
  6. When can we initiate treatment?

Following a chosen treatment proces and once a pregnancy is confirmed, patients will be returned to the care of their OB/GYN. For those requiring an OB/GYN for continued care, MCRM has established relationships with a multitude of highly renowned professionals and we can gladly assist in matching you with one of them. Hopefully understanding this basic information and the "ground rules" is helpful. One needs to understand the concept of fertility and this goes a long way in understanding how we can address the situation in any individual couple.