Available Discounts For Fertility Medications

MCRM Fertility takes all available measures to assist patients by making fertility care fit into most everyone’s budgets; however, we pricing for fertility medication is determined by the manufacturer’s and pharmacies. Some of the manufacturers and pharmacies due offer special discount programs to assist patients with the fertility medication costs. Here is a list that may be beneficial to you:

Compassionate Care Program

(Savings for Self-Pay Patients)

The Compassionate Care Program is designed to provide eligible patients savings on Gonal-f® (follitropin alfa for injection), Ovidrel®Prefilled Syringe (choriogonadotropin alfa injection), or Cetrotide®(cetroelix acetate for injection).

Depending on income, eligible patients, may save 25%, 50% or 75% off the self-pay price of medicine or receive a $10 discount per unit, via mail-in rebate, off their out-of-pocket costs for the above listed medications.

For additional information and details regarding the Compassionate Care Program click here

First Steps Program

(Savings for Self-Pay Patients)

The first step program takes into consideration household income and hardship cases to provide eligible patients with a 5%,

25%, 50% or 75% discount off their fertility drug cost. Discounts are available on the following medications:

  • Follistim AQ Cartridge (follitropin beta injection) 300IU, 600IUor 900IU
  • Ganirelix Acetate Injection
  • Pregnyl (chorionic gonadotropin for injection, USP)

Discounts are for 100% cash pay patients only. Discounts will be applied to DesignRX cash price at participating pharmacies. Discounts cannot be combined with other rebate, coupon, free trial, or similar offer. Discounts are valid for up to one year from initial approval. Patients that do not qualify for First Steps may still be eligible for DesignRX pricing at participating DesignRX pharmacies.

Click here to learn more about the First Steps Program, to apply, or to locate a participating pharmacy.

Fertility Pharmacy Care Card

(Savings for Fertility Medications at Walgreen's Pharmacy)

The Fertility Pharmacy Care Card® provides fertility medication discounts for medications for the patient, their egg donor and when needed their surrogate at participating Walgreens pharmacies. The card is purchased on-line for $25. A $25 Walgreens gift card will be mailed to the patient after the patient has had their initial fertility medication prescription filled at a participating Walgreens. The medication, Gonal-f ® is excluded from this program. Patients who use the Fertility Pharmacy Care Card® at participating Walgreens Pharmacies will receive a $100 discount for every $1000 purchase of eligible stimulation medication.

To learn more about this program, or to purchase or activate your card, click here.

Crinone Prescription Savings Card

The Crinone® prescription savings card eligible insured patients pay $50 and save up to $125 on each of up to four (4) prescription fills of Crinone® 8%. Eligible cash-paying patients save $50 on each of up to four (4) prescription fills of Crinone® 8%.

For additional details or to register for a card, click here.

EMD Serono Fertility Co-Pay Savings Card

(Savings for Insured Patients)

EMD Serono Fertility offers a co-pay savings card that may be used by insured patients to receive up to $250 in savings on out-of-pocket medication costs. The Co-Pay card may be used on on Gonal-f® (follitropin alfa for injection), Ovidrel®Prefilled Syringe (choriogonadotropin alfa injection), or Cetrotide®(cetroelix acetate for injection) prescription(s) at participating pharmacies.

For additional information and details regarding the Co-Pay Savings Card click here.


(Savings for Merck Fertility Medications)

DesignRX has partnered with Merck and offers patients discount medications through participating pharmacies. Eligible patients may receive savings of up to $300 off of their out-of-pocket costs for Follistim AQ®, and up to $100 off of their out-of-pocket costs for Ganirelix Acetate® via a co-pay card. To receive these discounts, patients must first enroll for a FREE membership with DesignRX.

For additional information regarding DesignRX, to enroll for membership or to locate a participating pharmacy, click here.

Compassionate Corps Program

(Savings for Military Veterans)

EMD Serono Fertility will provide FREE fertility medication to eligible veterans and their spouses. To be eligible you must:

  • Be a retired member of the military or the spouse of one
  • Be a veteran or spouse of a veteran who is:
    • Infertile due to a service related injury
    • Not privately insured for infertility medications
    • Medically retired
  • Have been diagnosed by a physician as infertile and requiring IVF/ART

For additional information and details regarding the Compassionate Corps Program click here.

Heartbeat Program

(Savings for Cancer Patients)

The Heartbeat program is a partnership of Walgreens specialty Pharmacy and Ferring Pharmaceuticals to provide fertility preservation medications at NO COST. There are NO forms to complete and NO financial requirements to meet. All that is required is for your physician to send your prescription to Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy.

  • Qualifications:
  • Must be a Female Patient
  • US Citizen or permanent resident
  • Diagnosed with Cancer
  • Cancer treatment has not been initiated
  • NO recent chemotherapy treatment within prior 6 months
  • Oncologist and Reproductive Endocrinologist determine that fertility preservation treatment is medically appropriate.

For additional information contact 888-347-3415

LIVE STRONG Fertility Discount Program

(Savings for Cancer Patients)

The LiveSTRONG Fertility Discount Program is a partnership between the LiveSTRONG foundation and EMD Serono. LiveSTRONG fertility does not grant direct financial contributions to individuals but instead partners with key organizations to increase the access to procedures and treatments intended to preserve the possibility of fertility for qualified individuals affected by cancer and whose medical treatment(s) present the risk of infertility. Through this program, EMD Serono, Inc will donate a limited quantity of fertility preservation medications to qualified female patient candidates.

For additional information regarding this program, to see if you qualify or to apply, click here.


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