Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)

PGS Testing with Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Significantly Increases One’s Chance for Success with IVF

MCRM Fertility offers PGS testing with Next Generation Sequencing (NGS). PGS with NGS takes advantage of whole genome sequencing allowing for the study of chromosomes at levels previously not possible. This provides an enhanced and comprehensive analysis of all 46 chromosomes. Additionally, NGS provides for extreme high-resolution analysis with over 1 million data points, a higher detection of small translocations and a significantly reduced “no result” decision.

Ongoing research has shown that about 50% of preimplantation embryos have aneuploidy and this rate significantly increases with one’s age. Additionally, a recent case study showed significant increases in clinical pregnancy rates of patients of all age brackets of whom used IVF with PGS versus IVF alone. For those under 35 the increase was 25%, for 35-39 year olds the increase was 30%, 40-42 year olds the increase was 41% and for those over the age of 42 the increase was 15%. For these reasons, MCRM Fertility strongly encourage patients to utilize PGS with NGS prior to embryo transfer. Patients may chose to utilize PGS wit NGS testing with embryos freshly retrieved or even with those previously frozen during an earlier treatment cycle.

To learn more about how this testing and MCRM's protocols can assist you in achieving your dream of parenthood, request an initial consultation with one of our physicians.


Is there a difference in PGS with NGS and aCGH Testing?

Simply, YES. NGS screening povides much higher resolution screening and is able to evaluate, not only, chromosomes but also genes. While Array Comparative Genomic Hybridization (aCGH) is a preimplantation genetic screening test, it is only able to evaluate ~2,700 data points compared to PGS with NGS which evaluates ~1.2 million. This difference allows for the detection of even minor translocations and reduces “no result” findings....leading to a nearly 10% increase in ongoing pregancy rates with embryos screened using NGS versus aCGH.


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