Why Select MCRM Fertility

The Missouri Center for Reproductive Medicine (MCRM Fertility), with fertility specialists, Peter M. Ahlering, MD, and Mira Aubuchon, MD is an advanced reproductive medicine center with one of the region’s most knowledgeable staffs. MCRM Fertility maintains a state-of-the art, comprehensive fertility care center and laboratory in Chesterfield, Missouri, just minutes from downtown St. Louis. MCRM Fertility’s two  partner office locations located in Springfield, Missouri and Tulsa, Oklahoma provide prospective patients convenient access and initial consultation appointments with our fertility care specialists. MCRM Fertility offers advancements in reproductive science unavailable elsewhere in the region including the Cap-Score Sperm Assay and Nanobead Sperm Selection. MCRM Fertility also introduced the use of the EmbryoScope® Time-Lapse Incubator to patients in the Midwest.

MCRM Fertility’s lab has dedicated itself to providing the highest quality environment leading to proven results. MCRM’s lab is CLIA certified and is also an ISO certified “clean-lab” in reproductive medicine.

MCRM Fertility understands the fertility journey can be difficult and emotionally straining. At MCRM Fertility, successful care goes beyond our experience and advanced reproductive science to include the whole you. We strive to ease your stress and calm your emotions by providing patient focused care with successful outcomes. Patient focused fertility care consists of:

  • Knowing YOU as an individual
  • Providing a Personalized Treatment Plan and Approach
  • Providing Emotional Support
  • Providing Encouragement
  • Providing a 5-Star Patient Experience

YOU are more than a patient at MCRM Fertility. YOU are a journey taker and our Dream Makers look forward to taking the journey together with you.

Your dreams can be made true and it all starts with a simple consultation with either Dr. Ahlering or Dr. Aubuchon. Call and speak with Jennifer, today, and schedule your consultation.


17300 N. Outer Forty
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Chesterfield, MO 63005

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