Why Select MCRM Fertility

MCRM Fertility, with fertility specialists, Peter M. Ahlering, MD, and Mira Aubuchon, MD, is an advanced reproductive medicine center with one of the region’s most knowledgeable staffs. Combined, Dr. Ahlering and Dr. Aubuchon deliver nearly 40 years of experience in reproductive medicine.  They look forward to assisting you in bringing your dreams to life.

MCRM Fertility maintains a state-of-the art, comprehensive fertility care center and laboratory in Chesterfield, Missouri, just minutes from downtown St. Louis. Additionally, MCRM Fertility has two  partner office locations located in Springfield, Missouri and Tulsa, Oklahoma to provide prospective patients convenient access and initial consultation appointments with our fertility care specialists.

MCRM Fertility offers advancements in reproductive science unavailable elsewhere in the region including the Cap-Score Sperm Assay and Nanobead Sperm Selection. MCRM Fertility also introduced the use of the EmbryoScope® Time-Lapse Incubator to patients in the Midwest.

To ensure the highest level of reproductive care standards, MCRM Fertility is certified an ASRM Nursing Center of Excellence and the laboratory is an ISO certified clean room.  Additionally, MCRM Fertility maintains success rates above the national average.

Schedule an initial consultation and begin your journey with MCRM Fertility.