Fertility Screening

Proceed forward along your optimal path

Even if you are not currently trying to conceive, knowing your fertility outlook can be helpful in allowing you to plan. Fertility screening is an easy and recommended step in planning for parenthood. Whether you’re starting your family as a couple, single parent or LGBTQ+ couple, these tests will help us plan your needs, and chart your family creation journey. 

Male Fertility Testing

You’ll get the most advanced male fertility testing available.

At the Center for Male Infertility (CMI) at MCRM Fertility, we assess male fertility using magnified semen analysis and sperm DNA Fragmentation testing. The semen test will check the amount of sperm, their motility, and their morphology. Sperm DNA Fragmentation testing will evaluate the overall quality of the sperm.

Female Fertility Testing

You get comprehensive female fertility testing

There are a lot of factors involved in female fertility, from hormone levels to anatomical issues. After a thorough health history and physical exam, the first step is to do Ovarian Function testing.

Together we’ll find out whether your ovaries are working, and if you’re ovulating regularly. Our fertility specialists will also test to make sure your body is producing the right hormone levels to encourage fertility.

Depending on your individual situation, other fertility testing may include: 

Once we have the results of your fertility testing, your treatment team can determine the best treatment plan.