Initial Appointment

Get in for your initial appointment quickly.

An initial visit and consultation with our fertility specialists can really change your perspective.

You’ll get a fresh look at the things you’ve been trying, and answers to why you haven’t had success yet. We’ll explain how our fertility specialists can help, and what approach we think is best for your individual situation. 

Get the most from your initial appointment.

You’ll need to provide some detailed health history information for your first visit. You can fill out our important Patient Forms right from our online eIVF Patient Portal. It’s important to fill them out thoughtfully and honestly.

Right after you schedule your first visit, you’ll get an email explaining how to connect to the portal. We’ll also send some helpful tips for getting the most out of your initial consultation.

You can expect us to be fully prepared for your first visit, too. Please give your doctor time to get familiar with your individual situation by completing your forms at least three days before your appointment.

If you’re starting your family as a single parent or LGBTQ+ couple, you’ll find our practice is welcoming and supportive of your journey. Your initial consultation will help us map out your journey to parenthood.