Embryo Selection

MCRM Fertility pioneered the use of the advanced technology of the EmbryoScope®, in the Midwest. An EmbryoScope allows infertility specialists to see the progress of development of fertilized embryos over time without removing them from the protected incubator. For countless patients, it has improved their dream of creating a family.

EmbryoScope Technology Improves IVF Success

MCRM Fertility pioneered the use of the advanced technology of the EmbryoScope®, in the Midwest. MCRM Fertility’s EmbryoScopes®, helps to ensure our patients the best chance for IVF success. The EmbryoScope ® is a combined incubator and camera system which allows our embryologists and our physicians the ability to analyze and select the highest quality embryos for either an embryo transfer or for cryopreservation. This powerful technology provides a 135-hour, microscopic video, minute-by-minute, displaying the growth of an embryo to blastocyst stage. Multiple scientific studies and research have shown improved success rates using this technology and MCRM Fertility is one of only a few fertility centers in the United States to offer this technology.

Observing Embryo Growth & Selecting the “Best Embryos”

This unique technology combines a state-of-the-art incubation environment with a high-quality microscope camera system and allows for a comprehensive observation of embryo development. Observing the features of embryo development is critical in being able to select the “best embryo(s)” which are most likely to result in a healthy pregnancy. In addition to the clinical usage of the time-lapse movie, each patient’s movie collection is presented back to them as a special keep-sake.

Benefits of Embryoscope

  • Provides superior image quality
  • Improves chances of pregnancy
  • Offers more information about the embryo
  • Regulates carbon dioxide and temperature control, mimicking a human womb
  • Offers new patients a video record of their baby from conception to the point of embryo transfer
  • Allows our embryologists to visually follow the development of an embryo like never before and determine which embryo is the most healthy and viable to transfer
  • Monitors and evaluates embryo development without disruption.  Unlike traditional incubators, embryos housed in an Embryoscope are never removed for analysis. This reduces the risk of harm, ensuring higher quality and increasing the chance of a successful pregnancy.