IVF Success Rates

IVF is the gold standard of fertility treatments.

Nationwide, success rates with In Vitro Fertilization are high in general. At our fertility clinics, we have evolved a highly systemized, streamlined set of protocols over many years of experience. MCRM Fertility’s excellent IVF success rates are a testament to this fact.

How do IVF success rates compare to other treatments?

MCRM Fertility has above-average success rates for IVF procedures. Your fertility doctor will be happy to review our statistics with you in person, so you can fully understand how they should be interpreted.

It’s very complicated to assess IVF success rates as a whole, since fertility clinics across the country have different patient populations, treatment protocols, and cycle reporting practices. That said, the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology does provide data on reported outcomes.

The latest (2020) national statistics from the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology show that for women using their own eggs for IVF, the percentage of live birth per new patient is as follows:

MCRM Fertility and National Success Rates 2020

Live birth per new patient, SART 2020 Final