Success Rates

What are your success rates?

One of the most frequently asked initial questions to our office is, “What are your success rates?” Knowing a center’s success rate can be quite useful in assisting prospective patients narrow down a center for them; however, it is important to know what posted success rates actually means.

MCRM Fertility and National Success Rates 2020

Live birth per new patient, SART 2020 Final

Understanding IVF Success Rates

Each year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) compiles and publishes data regarding individual assisted reproductive technology (ART) centers statistics; however, it should be noted that the annual reports are from a period two years previous. ART centers are mandated to report their rates to the CDC but some, such as MCRM Fertility, also choose to report statistics to the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technologies (SART).

The CDC does provide some cautionary advice when reviewing and comparing success rates. The following is this cautionary advice:

“Many people considering ART will want to use the information presented on the ART Fertility Clinic Success Rates website to find the “best” clinic. However, comparisons between clinics must be made with caution. Many factors contribute to the success of an ART procedure. Some factors are related to the training and experience of the ART clinic and laboratory professionals and the quality of services they provide. Other factors are related to the patients themselves, such as their age, the quality of their eggs and sperm, the cause of their infertility and genetic factors. Some clinics may be more willing than others to accept patients with low chances of success or may specialize in ART treatments that attract particular types of patients.

We encourage consumers considering ART to contact clinics to discuss their specific medical situations and their potential for success using ART. Because clinics did not have the opportunity to provide narratives to explain their data, such conversations could provide additional information to help consumers decide whether to use ART.” (Interpretation of Fertility Clinic Success Rates)