Concepts of Fertility

Determining the Most Effective Care Plan

There are basically three crucial steps in the management of patients considering fertility care. They include:

  • Diagnostic evaluation for both the male and female factors
  • Understanding the financial aspects for the individual/couple
  • Deciding what treatment is optimum for the individual/couple
  • Deciding when treatment will be instituted

Most decisions are based upon the diagnostic evaluation.  Obtaining the proper information regarding male and female fertility factors is of the utmost importance. Understanding the fundamentals of what makes fertility possible is key. These factors include an understanding about the uterus, ovaries and sperm, the foundations of what makes a baby and a successful pregnancy.

When the male and female factors have been fully evaluated, the patient/couple and physician can make intelligent, informed decisions about available treatment options, how successful those treatment options can be and ultimately what treatment option is best suited for the individual/couple.  Only after a complete understanding of the fertility factors involved can treatment be pursued in an optimal fashion.

Ultimately, we are trying to answer a series of questions that include:

  • What are the problems/factors that are adversely affecting fertility?
  • What are the available treatment options?
  • What are the chances, given the patient’s/couple’s set of circumstances, of any treatment resulting in an ongoing pregnancy?
  • How do we best pursue the treatment and manage the treatment to optimize our chances?
  • What are the costs related to the treatment options?
  • When can we initiate treatment?