MCRM’s Philosophy On Treatment Pricing

Daily, patients show initial interest in learning more about MCRM Fertility and the available treatments of care but due to the stigma presented by the media, written articles and popular belief, the question asked the most often is, “How much does the treatment cost?” MCRM Fertility’s philosophy is to provide the most-accessible, affordable and advanced reproductive medicine, science and technology with compassion and expertise. That is why we have worked hard to be able to lower the cost of In Vitro Fertilization care by as much as 55% compared to the national average while still being able to provide the latest advancements in both science and technology.

While the question, “How much does the treatment cost?” seems easy to quickly answer it really isn’t. MCRM Fertility offers several different fertility treatments and pricing plans. These include:

  • Monitored Timed-Intercourse
  • Monitored COH-IUI
  • Single cycle IVF packages
  • Guaranteed IVF Plans
  • Third-Party Reproduction Plans
  • Fertility Preservation Plans
  • Specialized Approaches and Techniques for Patients with Diminished Ovarian Reserve(DOR) & Recurrent Pregnancy Loss/Miscarriage
  • Specialized Approaches and Techniques for couples with Male Factor Infertility


Each individual is unique and has unique circumstances resulting in a unique and individualized protocol of care.

This is why it is highly encouraged that ALL prospective patients first complete an initial consultation with Dr. Peter Ahlering. The initial consultation provides Dr. Ahlering the ability to begin to evaluate one’s personal needs. It additionally allows Dr. Ahlering to provide some initial recommendations of possible care tailored specially for YOU! The approach of one-size fits all is not one adopted by MCRM Fertility.

Individualized care and treatment is key in providing the lowest-cost of care married with the highest level of success.


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