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MCRM Dispels The Myths Of IVF Costs

The number one concern for many individuals struggling through infertility is the fear of the overall costs involved. Media reports, headlines in magazines and even cost analysis studies via insurance companies and institutional IVF centers, seem to affirm these ideas that advanced reproductive technologies (ART) are not accessible to many couples simply due to cost.


The Missouri Center for Reproductive Medicine (MCRM Fertility) has taken this issue seriously and is taking steps to allow more accessible IVF and other advanced technologies and treatments for both male and female fertility factors to ALL individuals. First, we work with and accept most major insurance carriers and in most cases the initial diagnostic screenings and tests are covered. Also, in most cases, a referral from your family physician or OBGYN is NOT required prior to seeking advice and/or assistance from MCRM. Secondly, MCRM offers the region’s most advanced technology, including the ONLY EmbryoScope® time-lapse system, on-site advanced male semen analysis testing and innovative sperm selection techniques. MCRM is able to offer our services at a cost of around 55% less than other regional fertility centers.

MCRM offers multiple IVF packages that allow treatments to fit into most every patients financial and medical needs. MCRM’s gold standard, IVF Gold, is a comprehensive, inclusive IVF package that includes several key features that are often provided to patients on an ala carte basis at other centers including:

Additionally, depending on your exact case, MCRM Fertility may be able to utilize medication protocols that yield to successful outcomes at a cost as low as $1,000 compared to the often common costs of $5,000-$6,000.

Overall, these steps lead to significantly lower total costs while still including the latest technologies and advancements and most importantly resulting in successful pregnancies and live births.

MCRM also offers several discount programs including:

Speak to our financial coordinator/billing manager, Dena, to request detailed information and specific pricing regarding our comprehensive IUI and IVF packages including:

  • IVF Silver
  • IVF Gold
  • Multiple Embryo Banking Cycles
  • Assured Reproductive Care and Health (ARCH) Programs

Assured Reproductive Care And Health (ARCH) Program

MCRM Fertility’s Assured Reproductive Care and Health (ARCH) Program provides patients with peace of mind that they will successfully complete their reproductive treatment care with a viable pregnancy* or they will receive a refund of up to 100%.

MCRM’s staff is dedicated to providing patients with the most-accessible, most-affordable and most-advanced reproductive care through the latest available science and technology leading to successful outcomes. MCRM’s ARCH Program provides patients with multiple comprehensive treatment packages at a fixed discounted rate with an assured guarantee.

The ARCH program is available to eligible patients. Eligibility is determined after a comprehensive fertility diagnostic screening of both the male and female factors has been completed. MCRM Fertility also offers a specialized ARCH program for those patients choosing to utilize a donor for portions of treatment care.

If after completing ALL allocated reproductive treatment there has not been an established viable pregnancy*, or if the patient is withdrawn from the ARCH program due to clinical reasons, the patient will receive a refund of the program fees of either 50% ( ARCH Silver) or 100% ( ARCH Gold /ARCH Donor).

Patient eligibility into the ARCH program is based on multiple criteria including:

  • Patient must be 39 years of age or younger at the time of the initial egg retrieval procedure
  • Patient must meet set clinical criteria (verified through testing at MCRM)

ARCH Program Packages and What’s Included:


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