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The Missouri Center for Reproductive Medicine (MCRM Fertility), through our partnership with Donor Egg Bank USA, is now able to assist more individuals achieve their dream of parenthood through our egg donor program, a first for the St. Louis metropolitan region. MCRM's goal is to make the dream of having a baby a reality and to do so in as easy a manor as possible even if it requires the use of egg donation.

For many unfortunate reasons, some women are unable to conceive a child utilizing their own eggs and require the use of donor eggs. MCRM is currently recruiting anonymous egg donors to participate in the Donor Egg Bank USA national program. MCRM recognizes the decision to be an egg donor is one that is not easily made and on behalf of those in need of donor eggs we greatly appreciate the consideration that is given. The gift that an egg donor provides is the future hope for a desiring individual/couple to achieve the ultimate dream of parenthood. Per guidelines set forth by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), donors are compensated for their time and commitment. Donors who pass several rounds of screening and complete an egg retrieval cycle will be compensated a minimum of $5,000.


Prospective egg donors are required to be screened to ensure their health and psychological status.Becoming an egg donor is a very large responsibility and in order for prospective donors to qualify to become donors they must meet strict medical standards. These standards include:

  • Women between the ages of 21-32 (First Time Donors 21-28)
  • Healthy, Non-Smoker with no drug usage
  • STD Free
  • Normal Height and Weight (BMI 18-28)

Those interested in beginning the process of qualifying to become a donor must initially complete this online screening questionnaire. Those that meet the criteria within this initial screening will proceed to the second tier of the application process. Those that pass through the application process will then be contacted by an MCRM egg donor coordinator who will arrange for an initial appointment to begin your journey of becoming an egg donor.

“I wanted to thank you and everyone at MCRM. When I decided to donate I didn't know fully what I was getting into. I was kind of scared. However you guys at MCRM are so professional and everything was explained to me from start to finish. Everything went so well and so smoothly after the egg donation I was left filling fulfilled, like I made a difference. What a great feeling! Therefore to wrap this up thank you and everyone at MCRM for making the process easy and something that I would definitely do again.”

Becoming a Donor Egg Recipient

Both married and single women whom may experience: low ovarian reserve, poor egg quality, previous disease such as cancer, prior cancer therapy/treatment, chromosomal abnormalities, genetic disorders, early menopause, the loss of ovary(s) or may have had previous poor response to stimulation in IVF would be potential candidates for becoming a donor egg recipient. For these individuals, MCRM is able to offer prospective egg donor recipient patients access to the entire Donor Egg Bank USA network of donated eggs.

Donor Egg Bank USA's (DEB) network is considered one of the most comprehensive frozen donor egg programs in the United States. The creation of the DEB was to assist physicians in being able to provide patients access to a diverse donor database with the convenience of quick treatment process. Patients in need of frozen donor eggs have access to an immediate cycle start date with similar success rates as those compared to traditional fresh donor egg programs. Traditional fresh donor egg program treatment can often exceed 6 months while with MCRM's ability with the Donor Egg Bank USA donor program there is little to no wait time required to start a donor egg treatment cycle.

Becoming a Donor Egg Recipient

Patients who choose to utilize frozen donor eggs through the Donor Egg Bank USA network are offered a complete package for treatment providing you with treatment coverage and cost knowledge prior to beginning.

Donor Egg Bank USA 100% Assured Refund Program

Donor Egg Bank USA offers a 100% Assured Refund ® Plan that provides patients with up to 6 attempts to deliver a baby for one fixed fee or you'll receive a full refund. This provides patients peace of mind and reduces stress.

Click here for additional information regarding the 100% Assured Refund ® Plan

Basic Package Includes

  • One Lot of frozen donor eggs
  • Ultrasounds and required blood work during treatment cycle
  • Thawing of donor eggs
  • Insemination through Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)
  • Assisted Hatching
  • Embryo Transfer

View the most up-to-date list of the DEB network of egg donors


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