Become A Donor Egg Recipient

The use of donor oocytes (eggs) may be an effective treatment option for some families.  MCRM Fertility offers recipient families the option of either fresh or frozen donor eggs. MCRM Fertility is a proud preferred clinic for Matching Miracles and Donor Egg Bank USA.

MCRM Fertility can also assist you with private egg donations and/or working with other outside donor agencies.

The use of donor eggs may be utilized by:

  • Women with diminished/low ovarian reserve , early menopause and/or decreased ovarian function
  • Women with prior previous disease such as cancer, prior cancer therapy/treatment, chromosomal abnormalities and/or genetic disorders
  • Same-sex male couples

If you are interested in learning more about the option of utilizing donor eggs, schedule an initial consultation or call 844-414-2229.