Family Building For The Same-Sex Couple

The Joy of Parenthood is Available to ALL

MCRM Fertility offers a warm and welcoming environment to both gay men and lesbian women who wish to build a family. Unlike heterosexual couples, same-sex couples face a number of different fertility obstacles in the pursuit of developing a family. For lesbian women, beyond the traditional, potential female fertility factors there is also the requirement for a semen sample; typically obtained from a reputable donation agency. For gay men, not only does the traditional male factor issues potentially arise but there is also the requirement for donor eggs and a surrogate.

MCRM Fertility offers compassionate care and treatment options for same sex couples including:

  • Donor Sperm Insemination (IUI)
  • In Vitro Fertilization
  • Fertility Preservation (Sperm Cryopreservation, Egg Cryopreservation)
  • Frozen Egg Donation
  • Assistance in working with Donor Agencies for Donor Sperm, Fresh Donor Eggs, Gestational Carriers

Through the advanced technologies and resources available at MCRM, same-sex couples have an excellent opportunity to share in the joy of parenthood.

Learn more about our specific services below:

Family Building For Gay Couples

Gay couples wishing to become parents require a more tedious road to follow than that of lesbian couples; as they require the need of both eggs and a gestational carrier. However, there are multiple options available for gay men and these include:

Usage of one partner’s sperm with a known egg donor and gestational carrier

Usage of one partner’s sperm with donor eggs (fresh/frozen) and a donor gestational carrier

The initial process begins with a simple consultation with Dr. Ahlering and an assessment of the male fertility potential through a semen analysis. The next step in the process is to secure donor eggs and a gestational carrier. The donor eggs may be obtained through a known donor such as a family member of friend or they may be obtained through an anonymous donor utilizing a donor agency or an egg bank.

Current FDA  and ASRM guidelines recommend that sperm be quarantined for at least six months before being released for use in third party reproductive treatment such as that with the use of a gestational carrier. The quarantine process is a necessary step to ensure safety and to reduce any potential complications for the gestational carrier. As a result of the quarantine process, family building for gay men can take upwards of 9 months.

Family Building For Lesbian Couples

For Lesbian couples wishing to become parents, there are multiple options available. The simplest treatment is that of insemination of donor sperm through intrauterine insemination (IUI). Patients may choose to utilize a known donor or they may opt to utilize an anonymous donor. For patients wishing to utilize an anonymous donor, MCRM can assist in guiding couples to a number of reputable cryobanks for the purchase of the required donor sperm.

As with heterosexual couples, lesbian couples can also face the same type of female factor fertility issues including:

For these couples, in vitro fertilization (IVF) with donor sperm is an option.

MCRM also offers the opportunity for lesbian couples to share in the joy of the parenting journey by allowing the usage of eggs from one partner while the other partner carries the pregnancy. In this scenario, IVF is required as one partner will under stimulation of the ovaries for the collection of eggs. The collected eggs would then be fertilized in the MCRM lab and allowed to develop. The developed embryo(s) would then be transferred to the acting surrogate.


Dr. Ahlering is a breath of fresh air. From the minute we sat down with him he put myself and my wife at ease. Being two women, we did quite a bit of research on good fertility doctors and doctors who would treat us no different than a straight couple. Dr. Ahlering was honest, friendly, calming, funny, and just simply amazing! We are now pregnant on the first try with twins and couldn't be happier. His system works- trust it!


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