Family Building For The Same-Sex Couple

The Joy of Parenthood is Available to ALL

MCRM Fertility offers a warm and welcoming environment to both male and female same-sex couples who wish to build a family. We know same-sex couples face a number of different fertility obstacles in the pursuit of starting a family. For  women, beyond the traditional, potential female fertility factors there is also the requirement for a semen sample; typically obtained from a reputable donation agency. For men, not only does the traditional male factor issues potentially arise but there is also the requirement for donor eggs and a gestational carrier.

MCRM Fertility offers compassionate care and treatment options for same sex couples including:

Through the advanced technologies and resources available at MCRM, same-sex couples have an excellent opportunity to share in the joy of parenthood.

Learn more about our specific services below:

Family Building For Male Couples

Male couples wishing to become parents require a more tedious road to follow than that of female couples as they require the need of both eggs and a gestational carrier. For these couples, In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is the treatment option with the use of one or potentially both partner's sperm with donor eggs (fresh/frozen) and a gestational carrier.

The initial process begins with a simple consultation with one of our physicians and an assessment. The next step in the process is to secure donor eggs and a gestational carrier. The donor eggs may be obtained through a known donor such as a family member, friend or an anonymous donor utilizing a donor agency or an egg bank.


Family Building For Female Couples

For female couples wishing to become parents, there are multiple options available. The simplest treatment is that of insemination of donor sperm through intrauterine insemination (IUI). Patients may choose to utilize a known or anonymous donor. For patients wishing to utilize an anonymous donor, MCRM can assist in guiding couples to reputable sperm banks for the purchase of the required donor sperm.

Same-sex female couples can also face the same type of female factor fertility issues including:

For these couples, in vitro fertilization (IVF) with donor sperm is an option.

MCRM also offers the opportunity for female couples to share together in the joy of the parenting journey by utilizing reciprocal IVF.  With reciprocal IVF, one partner will undergo stimulation of the ovaries for the collection of eggs. The collected eggs would then be fertilized in the MCRM Fertility lab and allowed to develop. The developed embryo(s) would then be transferred to the partner.

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