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We Understand the Emotions of Infertility, Let’s Take the Journey Together

Infertility knows no boundaries and impacts about 15% of the population. Whether you are trying to conceive your first child or fourth, desiring to preserve your fertility for the future or in a same sex relationship and have the yearning of parenthood, MCRM Fertility~Tulsa is ready to “Take the Journey Together” with you.  Our experienced team of dream makers understand the many emotions of infertility and that everyone’s journey is unique. Our dedicated physicians will work with you to create a customized, individual treatment plan to provide you with the highest level of success.

Family Building Options for Everyone

At MCRM Fertility~Tulsa, we believe everyone deserves the right to become a parent. There are multiple, customized fertility care options to suit all individuals including: intrauterine insemination (IUI), in vitro fertilization (IVF), third-party reproduction with fresh and/or frozen egg donation, embryo adoption and more. The team of Dream Makers at MCRM Fertility~Tulsa will help you complete the journey to parenthood.

A Team Approach

As a patient of MCRM Fertility~Tulsa, you become a member our Dream Team. Our team approach to YOUR care will lead YOU through your journey and to the success you desire.

Innovative Technology

We believe patients deserve access to the latest and most-advanced science and protocols available in the field of reproductive medicine. We frequently partner with innovators of Assisted Reproductive Technologies (A.R.T) and participate in clinical trials to remain at the forefront of advancements in A.R.T. MCRM Fertility was the first to introduce the EmbryoScope® time-lapse technology to the Midwest and was the first fertility care center in the United States to introduce the Sperm Nanobead Selection technique.

More Than Just Fertility Treatment

The journey to parenthood can take many turns. It can be an emotional roller coaster. We believe it is important that one is not only cared for medically but also emotionally and properly supported. MCRM Fertility introduced, in 2015, an infertility support program that assists any individual and/or couple that is traversing the difficult road of infertility. MCRM Fertility’s infertility support coordinator hosts regular meet-ups and support gatherings and works one-on-one with patients to provide that extra helping hand when it is needed.  MCRM Fertility~Tulsa is excited to be able to offer the infertility support program to those in need throughout northeast Oklahoma, southeastern Kansas and northwest Arkansas.

MCRM Fertility~Tulsa supports its patient’s interest in complimenting their fertility care with holistic treatment options such as acupuncture, massage and nutritional counseling.  The addition of these services can enhance one’s emotional and physical journey.

Begin Your Journey

Let MCRM Fertility~Tulsa bring your dream of parenthood to reality. Begin your journey, today. Contact us and schedule your initial consultation with one of our physicians.

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