NK Cells

Intralipid Usage: Does It Improve IVF Pregnancy Outcomes?

September 21, 2016

On many occasions, when a new patient arrives at MCRM Fertility seeking assistance it is because they have either tried advanced fertility treatments elsewhere without success, have had multiple miscarriages, been told they have ” unexplained infertility” or a combination of these. Due to their prior circumstances, in many cases, the patient was previously advised…

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Fertility Fraud: Natural Killer (NK) Cell Testing

August 16, 2016

This article, ” Natural Killer Cells – Fertility Fraud?“, from a reputable IVF clinic in Europe, certainly echoes the thoughts that we have and actually is the consensus of the Reproductive Medicine community. Many excellent articles have been written to this effect echoing the concerns put forth by these authors. The renowned physicians in England…

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From The Desk Of Dr. Peter Ahlering: Validity Of NK Cell Testing

June 10, 2016

Due to recent information and review of many records in my office at MCRM Fertility, I have seen a variety of patients that have undergone unfortunate additional testing. I find it appropriate for me to initiate a blog to discuss reproductive immunology. Through my long history studying reproductive immunology, it is indeed just that “long”,…

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MCRM To Offer Good Will Reduced Cost Care For Recurrent Miscarriage, Natural Killer Cells And Previous IVF Failure

December 17, 2014

CHESTERFIELD, MO – December 11, 2014 – Dr. Peter Ahlering and the MCRM Fertility ( MCRM Fertility ) will b eoffering a special goodwill, reduced cost fertility treatment care to assist patients who have previously had difficulty either becoming pregnant or maintaining a successful pregnancy and have been diagnosed with any of the following: Unexplained…

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The Rampant Abuse Of Natural Killer (NK) Cell Testing

August 21, 2014

THE USE AND ABUSE OF NATURAL KILLER CELL TESTING IS RAMPANT IN THE FIELD OF REPRODUCTIVE MEDICINE AND IN THE REALM OF EVALUATING COUPLES WITH PREGNANCY LOSSES. This following study and other articles recently cast tremendous doubt on the entire way in which this is managed by IVF programs and office practices. Patients need to…

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