Understanding MINI IVF

Is Mini-IVF Right for You?

One of the questions we often receive from prospective patients is whether or not MCRM provides Mini or Minimal Stimulation IVF. Mini IVF is used often in the world of reproductive medicine; however, often over utilized. Minimal stimulation (MINI) IVF has been around as a protocol for many years but has more recently been marketed as being a process that should be applied or could be applied to a broad variety of patients. This is not a exactly true. It is certainly a protocol that is available and used at MCRM by Dr Peter Ahlering; however, it is something that is only practically applicable to a minority of patients.

In fact, it has significant potential drawbacks versus traditional in vitro stimulation protocols or lower stimulation protocols that are often used. There are studies that show the protocal has value, no question. The opposite is also true and such a recent study is provided below. Again, the protocol must be applied to the right population of patients to obtain maximal effect. So, as is the case for many people, it is a valuable tool in our proverbial tool belt but is not something that is necessarily broadly helpful and applicable to all couples. It must be chosen properly to be truly beneficial.
As is the case for many treatments in the world of medicine, in general, proper application of min-IVF or other ‘low stimulation IVF protocols’ can have its place; however, it must be utilized properly to achieve maximal effect and benefit for the couples. It should not be used in a ‘cookbook’ manner by any means.

A recent study , Cumulative success rates following mild IVF in unselected infertile patients: a 3-year, single-centre cohort study , published in the January 2014 edition of Reproductive BioMedicine Online, indicates that Mini-IVF only has a 20% live birth rate in patients under 30 years of age. A dismal statistic!

To see if you are a candidate for mini ivf or if a different protocol is a better fit for your situation, schedule a consultation, either via phone or in-person, with Dr. Peter Ahlering. Call MCRM Fertility today at 844-41-4BABY