With Hope Waining, Our Dreams Were Made True: Thank You Dr. Ahlering

Our story started 13 years ago. After being married for 6 years, we began trying to have children. Our journey with infertility began after 1 year of trying on our own. After about 7 years of trying with a variety of doctors I called Dr. Ahlering’s office and made an appointment to see him. I have to say that after trying for so long already we were pretty set on it probably not working; however,I still had a little bit of hope left. By this point, my husband and I were both 39 years old.

After getting our calendar and medicines set up we began a new round of a “fresh” cycle. I got pregnant but then miscarried around 7 weeks. It was very crushing but we kept moving forward. After that cycle, I tried one more “fresh” cycle. Nothing took with the fresh cycle but we ended up with 5 embryos to freeze. I turned 40 and my husband and I talked with Dr. Ahlering and basically said that we would like to use all five in the next cycle. With hesitation, because Dr. Ahlering typically never transfers more than 3 embryos at one time, he allowed our plan to go through. Our picture of having a family looked pretty bleeke at this point.

W ell, to make a long story short I got pregnant! The nurse called and said my numbers looked good. At this point, my husband and I began getting very nervous knowing we had 5 embryos transfered. No way, we couldn’t be pregnant with 5! Well, I wasn’t. I was pregnant with one. Our daughter is 5 years old now and getting ready to enter kindergarten in August. We couldn’t be happier.

Dr. Ahlering made it happen and we so love him and his staff, still together, today. Peggy, Mary, and everybody helped us to become the family we are today. I had given up on myself when Dr. Ahlering didn’t.