The Importance Of Routine Fertility Screening For Women

Avoid Future Fertility Frustration

Whether or not a young lady is already interested in having a child or may be planning on having one some day in the future, it is important for one to know their basic fertility outlook. At MCRM Fertility and Women’s Health Center, we employ comprehensive fertility assessment techniques that provide our female patients with a understanding of their current fertility assessment. Newly available methods of simple blood tests and ultrasonography are easily utilized in the simple evaluation process. While MCRM offers this already to our patients, it is not necessary for one to visit a reproductive specialist in order to have the screening completed. The time has arrived that general medical personnel (the family practitioner, OB-GYN, nurse practitioner, office RN etc) can discuss with their patients fertility screening and preservation and also offer such screening services.

To aid in avoiding future fertility frusteration, simple assessment done for any patient of childbearing age in the late twenties or older is recommended, periodically. This should include reviewing AMH (anti-mullerian hormone), FSH and Estradiol levels fairly early in the menstrual cycle between days 2 and 6. If any of these tests are abnormal, then further detailed discussion about the implications on future fertility is critical. Female patients have means of taking advantage of these fertility assessments in understanding how they impact their present and potential future fertility. Unquestionably, this is of substantial value and it can help the patient make life-altering decisions regarding future fertility. These tests are easy to obtain and are typically covered by insurance.
In addition, the completion of an antral follicle count (AFC) to assess the number of follicles present on the ovaries is of the utmost value in deciding on therapy as well as obtaining a ‘snap shot’ of current ovarian reserve. Thus, the optimum testing involves simple blood work and ultrasonography for any given female. This, of course, can help them make decisions about potential egg cryopreservation/vitrification or alter their personal time line on considering initiation of a family.

Simply FSH, a family history, a personal medical history, and age are not enough to reassure patients of their current or future fertility. These simple tests noted above are significantly advantageous for all patients of childbearing age considering future fertility and therefore, should be employed for screening of the general population. Referral to a reproductive specialist, such as Dr. Peter Ahlering, if any of these tests are abnormal, would be of tremendous benefit to the patient/couple.

If you would like to discuss your current or future fertility outlook with Dr. Peter Ahlering or Dr. Mira Aubuchon, please contact MCRM Fertility. You may simply complete an online request or call 844-41-4BABY.


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