why your April Fools Joke isn't a joke at all

April Fool’s Day Is No Joke: A View Through The Eyes Of An Infertility Patient

To many, April Fool’s Day is all FUN and GAMES. To someone that is struggling with infertility or history of miscarriage, it’s no JOKE. As someone who has been in the shoes of “infertility” there’s nothing that hurts more than others PRETENDING to be something that they are not. This April Fool’s day, you, too, will see many JOKES or FAKE pregnancy announcements flooding the walls of social media and that is NOT ok…. Together, we must RALLY the troops and use our voice! People NEED to know that WORDS matter, WORDS hurt and WORDS can make a difference. ( #AprilFoolsNoJoke )

To someone that has NEVER had to fight the battle of infertility or the loss of a child, these JOKES may seem harmless; however, if only some would look deeper at the big picture, they would realize that these posts, comments, and or pictures truly HURT. Do these people that post not REALIZE that approximately 12% of the child-bearing aged women in the United States struggle with infertility?

Please before you considering pulling an April Fools Pregnancy Prank, think about those that are struggling. A FAKE pregnancy is NOT a joke! Help share and spread the word about this cause using#AprilFoolsNoJoke

Here’s what some of the patient at MCRM Fertility have to say about this April Fool’s Day Trend…..

“Pregnancy is NEVER a joke. There is the infertility side of it, the loss side of it, but more than that too: think about people who actually might be EXCITED for it, only to be let down by “just kidding” ! April fools!” ~Kristen

“I have also struggled for 5 years with infertility and have yet to hold my rainbow baby. We need to know that we are not alone. We all need to think before we speak.” ~Dawn

“1 in every 8 women is affected by infertility in the US. You never know who in your life might be struggling. I can personally tell you it is insensitive and humorless to post a “fake” pregnancy April fool’s joke. Pregnancy is not a joke it’s a blessing.” – Alecia

“I don’t think the fake pregnancy announcements are funny at all… I honestly don’t think people realize how many of us suffer with infertility and dream of actually being pregnant, and we can’t be. Joke or no joke, those posts are a reminder to many of us struggling with infertility that we are not pregnant, and we would do almost anything to actually be able to post “I’m pregnant.” Those are extremely precious words, not joking ones.”


“Please keep those struggling with infertility loss in your thoughts before posting. It is a real struggle for many, please be respectful.” ~ Cory