A Blessing In Oklahoma

Eric & I were married in September 2008, I was 30 and he was 29. We had planned to wait a year or two before having children just to make sure we were financially prepared. We never dreamed there would be an issue with getting pregnant because I had always had a normal cycle with no issues. We started trying in January 2010 and each month went by with negative results. We knew it could take up to a year, so we gave it around 10 months. With my age I didn’t want to wait too long to see if there was something wrong.

We went to a fertility specialist here in Tulsa and they did not find any issues with initial testing. We made many lifestyle/diet changes and tried to be in the best place to get pregnant. So we did our first IUI in November 2010. I responded well to everything but it ended in a chemical pregnancy. We proceeded to do 3 more IUI’s the next year, all negative and still no answers. This whole process had become very frustrating and we felt we weren’t getting anywhere, just getting medical bills with no results. We decided to switch doctors and went to see Dr. Cole Nilson here in Tulsa. We had heard good things about him and that he worked with Dr. Ahlering, in St. Louis at the time, now in Tulsa for IVF cycles. Dr. Nilson did a laparascopy on me and found nothing. Eric had some more tests run and all was normal. So our choices were to keep trying on our own, another IUI, or IVF. We decided to do an IUI with Dr. Nilson and it failed. We then tried on our own for a few months and that ended with a natural, very early miscarriage in June 2012. Therefore, we decided to pursue IVF and had our phone consultation with Dr. Ahlering. We were very impressed right off, he was so passionate about the field and gave us a lot of information we hadn’t heard before. He was very positive and so knowledgeable about everything. We decided to sign up for the September 2012 cycle in St. Louis.
I was very nervous about the medications & everything involved, but I trusted the doctors and we tried to stay positive about everything. Luckily, I tolerated the medications very well and before we knew it we were headed to St. Louis for the procedures. We spent our 4th wedding anniversary in St. Louis hoping for the best! We had good fertilization results to start off, but in the end only ended up with 3 embryos. We transferred 2 and froze 1. Our first beta test was 18, and our second one was 60, we were a solid positive. We found out the news right before my 35th birthday, it was the best birthday gift I could have asked for! We were so elated & couldn’t believe we were finally pregnant.

Around the 6 week mark, I had a large bleed. We were so worried and could not imagine losing this pregnancy. When I went to the doctor. and the ultrasound came up, we heard a heartbeat and all was fine. I had a SCH (hematoma) in the uterus. So I went on bedrest for 4 weeks. The pregnancy progressed fine and the SCH eventually dissolved on its own, thank goodness.

We decided to induce at 39 weeks, and our little Jack was born May 30, 2013 at 6 lbs 13 oz, 19.5 inches. He is healthy and perfect, and we can’t imagine life without him.

Thanks to many prayers and to Dr. Ahlering, we finally have our little miracle and he came at the perfect time!


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