Just Keep “Cruisin” And The Blessings Will Come

When Josh and I danced the last song in our junior/senior prom in 1999, both of us knew there would be many more songs and dances to come…and there were.

I walked down the aisle to ” The Wedding March ,” and we danced the night away to ” Let’s Get Married ” at our reception seven years later. As high school sweethearts, we certainly ” Partied Like It was 1999 ” for the first couple years of our marriage. Life seemed perfect, and we were definitely “Cruisin ‘” right along just like our favorite song: steady jobs, first house, Master’s degrees. All seemed to follow our plans. Then, it happened.

After trying for six months to have a baby, we suffered a miscarriage. We were devastated to say the least, but we were not willing to give up after such a short time. Sure, it was frustrating to try longer than most, and it was truly heartbreaking to lose a part of us…but we kept on trying. After six more months of nothing but disappointment, I tried Clomid. Nothing. Four months of nothing. It had now been a year and a half since we first started trying to conceive a child, and we didn’t know what else to do or where to turn.

Thankfully, God, with the help of our dear friend and my OB/Gyn, pointed us towards Dr. Ahlering. After our consultation, we felt ready to proceed with the easy injections; we just knew that was our answer…but NO. Four months and a cyst later, we were back to square one without another plan. Was IVF really a part of our future? We hadn’t planned for that, and we didn’t have the money to risk. We were shocked, confused, hurt…and I was depressed.

Once I sulked around for six more months, I realized we had been trying to conceive for nearly three years; I was not going to let this struggle get the best of me! We discovered endometriosisand a blocked tube, so I had a laparoscopy to solve some of the problem. Then, came a hernia, which meant another surgery. No big deal. I was up for the challenge. We were saving money, I was busy teaching, and my husband just earned a promotion. Things were looking up, and we were positive God had a plan.
Three and a half years, four surgeries, and one miscarriage later, we joined our first IVF cycle with Dr. Ahlering. Absolutely everything felt right from the beginning. We were just pumped to spend a near 2-week vacation in St. Louis, just the two of us…and we came home as four!!!

I remember every minor detail about our cycle, down to the time of conception to what I ate and watched in the waiting room on the day of the embryo transfers. We have pictures of the office in St. Louis where our baby boys were conceived, and we have multiple copies of their first photo together at only five days after conception. It’s simply beautiful. True perfection. Only two embryos viable on the day of transfer, and those two amazing beings are now our sons!

We cannot thank Dr. Ahlering and his staff enough for following God’s plans for our family. Words just cannot express our gratitude and love. ” How Great Thou Art ,” that’s for sure…and our twins know it. I sing that to them often because they are truly our greatest blessings.

Fourteen years after that prom night, we may not be partying the night away, but we will always be “Cruisin ‘” together as a family thanks to God and his plans for us with Dr. Ahlering and his staff. As we sing to our boys nightly, “Jesus Loves You…” and he has a plan for you, too. Don’t give up. Just keep cruisin’ because miracles do happen. And sometimes they come in pairs.

Kara Dowdy


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