The Spray’s IVF Story

My husband and I were both young (mid-20s) when we started trying for a baby. After a year with no success, we went looking for answers. My original OB/GYN told us that since we were both so young, to just give it some more time and it would happen. We were not satisfied with that answer, and switched to a new OB/GYN. She started us out on 3 cycles of Clomid with no luck. At that point, she recommended that we see an RE, so I called and scheduled an appointment with an RE that several friends & family had used in the past. We went through the standard testing, which provided no answers – nothing was out of the ordinary. We were told that we should be able to easily get pregnant with Folistim shots and timed intercourse. On the 2 ndtry, we were overjoyed with a positive pregnancy test. However, that pregnancy ended in a 1 st trimester miscarriage. After a few short months, we were ready to try again. We went through 2 more unsuccessful rounds of Folistim shots, and more rounds of testing. We were classified with ” Unexplained Infertility ” and encouraged to try a round of IVF.

In December of 2010, my husband and I took a vacation to Mexico to get some R& R before starting our IVF cycle in January. We anticipated that one round of IVF was going to be the answer for us. We started the IVF process and were happy with the egg retrieval & transfer. We transferred two embryos, and froze the other four. When the results of my first bloodwork came back, the test was positive but my HCG was very low and did not double as it should. This IVF resulted in a chemical pregnancy. We were devastated, but remained hopeful since we still had 4 embryos in storage. We went through two rounds of FET ( Frozen Embryo Transfer), with negative results both times. I was a wreck, and unsure of how to proceed. Our doctor wanted to try another round of IVF using the same protocol. He was still unsure why our cycles had not been successful, but felt that we should give it another shot. I was not happy with this meeting, and felt we should try something different.

During my last FET, I began seeing a local acupuncturist. He recommended that I should try a new RE. He’d had several patients that had seen Dr. Ahlering, and all had had successful pregnancies with him. Even though Dr. Ahlering’s office was much farther away, we decided to give it a shot.

After our first meeting with Dr. Ahlering, my husband and I walked away with new confidence that we could be parents. Dr. Ahlering reviewed our records, and gave us some reasons why he thought our first IVF, and subsequent FETs, had failed. He also explained how our IVF protocol would be differ from our last one.

As we began our IVF cycle with Dr. Alhering, I was amazed by his wonderful staff, including our nurse, Mary Palmer. She was always just a quick email away with answers when I needed them. She was also very quick to provide test results (the wait can seem forever in IVF). Our first pregnancy test was inconclusive, just borderline positive. I assumed the worst, that the cycle had failed, but Mary told me to “hang in there”. The second test, 48-hours later, confirmed pregnancy & my HCG had more than doubled! I was pregnant! However, joy quickly turned to concern as I started experiencing heavy bleeding. Since I’d had a previous miscarriage, I was very upset and concerned with carrying this child. Dr. Ahlering and Mary were so helpful in keeping my spirits up and even let me come in for an extra ultrasound (without charge) to ease my worries. I eventually went on to have a healthy pregnancy and we were blessed with a beautiful, healthy baby boy, Jesse John, on May 31, 2012.

I thank God every day for our miracle, and the compassion & knowledge of the people who helped us achieve our dream of parenthood.


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