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Lab Director, Douglas Gliedt, PhD, HCLD Awarded as Best Embryologist in Egg Freezing

San Antonio, Texas – The Missouri Center for Reproductive Medicine (MCRM Fertility) is a preferred location of Donor Egg Bank USA, a California Cryobank Company, and was awarded an award of excellence for superior outcomes in egg vitrification at the 2017 American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) conference in San Antonio, Texas, October 29, 2017. The award for highest on-going pregnancy rate per warming was presented to lab director, Douglas Gliedt, PhD, HCLD. Dr. Gliedt, a certified High Complexity Lab Director (HCLD) joined MCRM Fertility in September of 2015 and has nearly three decades experience in assisted reproduction.  He previously served as lab director at both the Sher Institute for Reproductive Medicine and National Fertility Center prior to joining MCRM Fertility.

MCRM Fertility joined Donor Egg Bank USA (DEB) as a partner practice in 2015 and is one of 41, highly regarded, preferred practices in the United State and Canada. Donor Egg Bank USA is the largest frozen donor egg bank in the United States.  At its annual network gathering prior to the onset of ASRM 2017, DEB presented several awards of excellence for individual and practice achievement. Frozen donor eggs are provided through Donor Egg Bank USA to patients battling infertility who are unable to conceive through the utilization of their own eggs. Frozen donor eggs are thawed and fertilized with sperm which results in embryo development. The resulting embryo(s) is then transferred to the intended parent.

The success with frozen donor eggs is highly related to the process of vitrification and the experience of the lab staff. Vitrification is a process by which obtained donor eggs (oocytes) are fast-froze without the formation of ice crystals for cryopreservation.  The absence of any ice crystals is an extremely important factor as ice crystals can damage the egg’s membranes resulting in an egg that is damaged. Quality and excellence in the vitrification process, including both the freezing and thawing of the donor eggs, directly impacts the overall pregnancy success rates for the intended patients. DEB completed a comprehensive evaluation of all preferred clinics for awards in Superior Outcomes in Egg Vitrification, Superior Outcomes in Egg Vitrification-Practice Award, Superior Outcomes in Egg Vitrification Warming, Superior Outcomes in Egg Vitrification Warming -Practice Award and Excellence in Third-Party Reproductive Nursing.  CEO, Heidi Hayes,  and  Wayne Caswell, executive director of quality control and technology presented Dr. Gliedt with the award as the embryologist with the highest on-going pregnancy rate per egg vitrification freezing among the Donor Egg Bank USA preferred practices with a 70.6% on-going pregnancy rate.

“MCRM Fertility is committed to providing excellence in fertility care which leads the way to the most successful outcomes. This independent review by Donor Egg Bank USA is verification of this commitment and we could not be prouder of the careful care of attention in the lab that Dr. Gliedt and the entire MCRM Fertility lab team provide,” commented Medical Director, Dr. Peter Ahlering.


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