a pregnant woman talking to another woman and showing baby ultrasound picture

Workplace Conversation and Infertility: The Painful Truth Many Never Consider

How many of you struggle in the workplace while struggling with #infertility and/or #loss?

Walking the journey of infertility is hard enough in itself, as everywhere we go its front and center.

#MCRMFertility friend, Justine Froelker, is a licensed professional counselor and a certified Daring Way™ Facilitator. She has also authored two best-selling books, Ever Upward and The Mother of Second Chances . Justine’s work can be found at The Huffington Post, the YouVersion Bible appReflective Prayer, and Great Day St. Louis. Justine and her husband also know and understand the hardship and heart-ache infertility can bring as they have battled through this difficult journey, too.  She use’s her personal and professional experiences to help others battling through infertility to cope and be empowered.  Here she is in ACTION talking about workplace conversations and their, often unseen and thought about, impacts to those that are personally dealing with struggles, such as infertility.

“What if, instead, we sat across from another and said, “This is kind of hard, want to talk about it?  Because what many of us think is just casual water cooler conversation at work, can actually be super hard and even hurtful,” Justine Froelker.

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