ReUnite could save YOU up to 75% on eligible fertility medications

A New Way to Save on Your Fertility Medications

Two new fertility medication discount programs, ReUnite Assist and ReUnite Assist for Military will begin September 1, 2018 and could save YOU up to 75% on eligible fertility medications.   Eligible medications in this discount program include FOLLISTIM® AQ, Ganirelix Acetate and  PREGNYL®. These new discount programs will be replacing the existing First Steps program that has been the current discount program for these medications. The First Steps program will be ending, effective December 31, 2018. For those individuals presently enrolled in the First Steps program, you are encouraged to apply for one these new programs in ensure your discount will continue beyond December 31, 2018.


Program Details

ReUnite Assist Program

Financial assistance program to assist eligible patients undergoing infertility treatment with their out-of-pocket medication costs. Savings of up to 75% may be provided. Apply today. Upon completion of your application, applicants will receive an email with instructions related to their discount savings and additional program details.

ReUnite Assist for Military

Active and veteran military members automatically qualify for a ReUnite Assist 25% Discount.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Non-Insured Prescriptions (100% Cash Pay)
  • Current Proof of Income (IRS Tax Return)
  • Only Available at ReUniteRX pharmacies (available locations)
  • Discount Valid for 1-Year from date of issue
  • Cannot be combined with other discount programs