They Can Make Your Dreams Come True!

I had always wanted to become a mother ever since I could remember. My husband and I were married in April 2016 and started trying right away. I never thought we would have so much heartbreak along the way. After a year and a half of negative tests we decided it was time to get some help from someone other than my OBGYN. MCRM was recommended to us by several friends. As soon as we walked in I knew exactly why.

Meeting with Dr. Aubuchon was nerve wracking. We had no idea what we would be told. I was terrified that IVF would be our only option and we knew we wouldn’t be able to afford it. After all the testing to help us find out what we needed to do, both of us had prepared ourselves for the worse. Dr. Aubuchon listened to our concerns and decided we could give IUI a try.
Walking in the day of our first IUI I had so many emotions happening. I was nervous, excited and very hopeful. Not knowing what to expect was nerve wracking. All my nerves went away as soon as Ceara walked in because she explained everything that was happening. Then afterwards, meeting with Christina I knew we were in good hands at MCRM. Our first IUI did not work and I will never forget that phone call but I knew we were at a place that would help us any way possible.

When starting our second round of IUI my grandmother passed away and I stopped in to talk to Christina to tell her I felt like my stress and emotions messed up our chance. I stood in there crying to Christina and I felt like I was with my friend. I remember leaving that day knowing everything was going to be ok. A week later we got the most amazing phone call from Christina telling us we were pregnant.

It may have taken us 2 years but along our journey we met some amazing people who help so many families’ dreams of becoming parents come true. When we “graduated” back to our OBGYN it was almost like we were leaving friends. We kept saying we wished we could stay with them because everyone was so caring and sweet. On December 13th, 2018 our daughter, Paisley, was born.

You are in amazing hands with the most caring people who will listen and reassure you that they will do everything they can to help your dreams come true. Don’t give up hope! Good luck along your journey.