Sperm under fluroscence microscopy

Cap-Score: New Male Fertility ASSAY Proven to Predict Male Fertility

A new test to assess male fertility is now available at MCRM Fertility, Cap-Score™. MCRM Fertility is currently the only regional center in the Midwest to be able to offer this new, advanced analysis. Cap-Score™ provides better information allowing the physician and the couple to make better decisions together to increase the likelihood of the most efficient and effective pathway to parenthood. By knowing the Cap-Score™, both your physician and you will be able to determine the probability the male factor has of generating a pregnancy. We are able to do this because we can now measure and quantify one of the most fundamental processes necessary for fertilization and conception, capacitation. It isn’t essential to know the concentration and/or the motility, although it is useful. You will see this in the material presented, but is also clearly explained in the attached. It is a paradigm shift in understanding fertility and specifically male fertility and it also assumes that the physician take into account the health status of the female partner and other important parameters.

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