MCRM Fertility lab director, Doug Gliedt, Phd, HCLD and senior embryologist Teresa Alred display their awarded Donor Egg Bank USA certificates.

Seals of Quality Assurance Presented to MCRM Fertility

Today, Donor Egg Bank USA’s laboratory technical director, Wayne Caswell, awarded MCRM Fertility, lab director, Douglas Gliedt, PhD, HCLD and senior embryologist, Teresa Alred with Seals of Quality Assurance.   

“When recipients are awarded the Donor Egg Bank USA Quality Assurance Certificate, it acknowledges that they have achieved outstanding demonstrable results. Achieving success while working with vitrified and warmed oocytes is a noteworthy accomplishment. Much data has shown that vitrified and warmed donor oocytes are more fragile and difficult to master than their fresh contemporaries.  To consistently achieve excellent results with frozen donor oocytes proves that embryologists and clinics receiving this certificate can be counted among the few in the field who have attained mastery,” states Mr. Caswell.

To have been considered for this honor, at minimum, one must complete 5 or more cycles and achieve a 50% or higher clinical pregnancy.  A clinical pregnancy rate is defined as requiring a quality blastocyst and implantation into the uterus.  While excellent results may be achieved, uterine issues may still be encountered beyond the control of the embryologists.  To account for this, those that receive this seal of assurance must also have an overall blastocyst per fertilized egg rate of 50% or greater, independent of their clinical rate.

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