portrait picture of president george washington

Father of America, President George Washington, Was Never a Father Himself Likely Due to Male Factor Infertility

By: Mira Aubuchon, MD

This is belated, but this was a wonderful historical article about our first President, George Washington, published in Fertility and Sterility

The father of our nation, George Washington, did not have any children of his own and appears to have been infertile.  This article speculates his infertility may have been due to a tuberculosis infection that blocked the passageways for the sperm to exit the body.  Tuberculosis was common at that time, and though it’s been mostly thought of as a lung disease, it can infect other organs including the intestines and the reproductive system.  The knowledge of sperm’s importance for fertilization only became known during President Washington’s time, in the late 1700s.  Had today’s technologies been available, this likely would have helped President Washington, through surgery, to recover sperm and use it for IVF. 

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