What to Do if IVF Didn't Work the First Time

The journey to conception is often an emotional one. If you have gone to an in vitro fertilization (IVF) specialist and it failed the first time, you may wonder if you’re incapable of ever having children. MCRM Fertility offers hope for those with infertility issues. Our IVF specialist counsel will provide clients with a tailored plan for greater IVF success.

Looking at Your Fertility Issues

Before you begin IVF with MCRM Fertility, our doctors will have you undergo some standard testing. They will collect information that will give them a better idea of the problem behind your infertility, and will determine the best method to help improve your chances of conceiving.

Success Rates for IVF

It’s normal for IVF to not work immediately. The fact that other women suffer the same challenges and go on to have successful pregnancies should give you hope! SART data  that over 50% of women, younger than 35, have a live birth. Of these births. The numbers decrease as women age.

Why IVF May Not Work the First Time

Several reasons exist why an IVF treatment isn’t successful the first time.  Embryo quality may be poor, which can be caused by either the egg or sperm quality. In many cases, the embryo won’t implant if it isn’t viable. 

Unexplained failure can also occur, so don’t feel defeated if there is no identifiable reason. Failure with a treatment doesn’t mean it’s impossible for the patient to conceive at all. The IVF specialists at MCRM Fertility will work with you to determine the next steps to help you with your goal of having a child of your own.

IVF Options

Donor Eggs

If treatment failure is due to poor egg quality, you may want to consider donor eggs. As women age, their eggs decrease in quality, which makes it more difficult for them to fertilize. MCRM Fertility works with patients who choose to use their own eggs or a donor egg. 

Assisted “Hatching”

IVF treatment involves multiple steps, some of which may help increase your chances of success. Your doctor may choose to add one or more in subsequent treatments if the first one fails. For instance, assisted hatching can help the embryo attach to the uterine wall by making a small hole in the outer covering. Assisted hatching is standard with IVF at MCRM Fertility.

Sperm Donation

If the issue is with the quality of sperm, another option is sperm donation. Before you go that route, you may want to consider the various processes that IVF specialists at MCRM Fertility use to find the highest quality sperm to attach to the egg. These processes increase the likelihood that only the best sperm will be chosen for the egg.

Improving Your Chance for Success

MCRM Fertility is dedicated to helping women achieve their goal of conceiving and carrying their baby to term. To accomplish this goal, we offer a variety of fertility treatments and processes. It all starts by evaluating your fertility potential.

We administer various fertility tests to help determine the cause of your infertility. For women, we look at ovarian function. We take a complete history and order tests that will let us know if the patient is ovulating regularly and has the correct levels of hormones to conceive. We also perform tests for men to evaluate testicular function and provide advanced semen analysis. Once we have gathered all the information, we can recommend the best treatment plan.

Our IVF specialist will discuss your test results with you directly and explain the recommendations for treatment. It’s important to us that each client feels confident in their understanding of their situation and the treatment they want, as well as the likelihood of success for that treatment. These doctors may suggest specific steps to increase your chances.

The MCRM Fertility financial team will also meet with you to review the costs associated with treatment, including the various options available. Only you can determine how much you can afford and how many times you are willing to undergo IVF treatment for the chance of having a baby.

Trust MCRM Fertility and Our IVF Specialist Team

We can’t guarantee that IVF will be successful the first time or with future treatments. What we can commit to is being your partner through the entire process. We want to help you work towards your goal of parenthood. Our specialists will utilize the latest in technology and information and provide a comprehensive evaluation of your situation to create the best treatment plan.

Our team is committed to being empathetic, honest, driven by results, and supportive of our patients every step of the way. We want you to know there is hope even if your first IVF treatment doesn’t work. Many of our patients have found success here after years of trying on their own, or using other treatments without successful conception.

If you are ready to take the next step to find out the cause of your infertility and to work on a solution, contact MCRM Fertility. Schedule an appointment with one of our IVF specialists soon, and begin the journey to parenthood with a team who supports you. Contact us with questions regarding your need for fertility treatment or availability for a consultation.


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