Four Most Effective Fertility Treatments

If you’ve had trouble conceiving, you may be thinking about your next step. You may want to consider making an appointment with a fertility specialist. Treatments exist that can help you in your journey to having the child you always wanted. MCRM Fertility is a clinic that offers fertility treatment options to couples who are having difficulty on their own.

Multiple options are available, depending on the issues that are preventing you from becoming pregnant. It can be helpful to know which fertility treatments are the most effective.

Evaluation Comes First for a Fertility Specialist

Before recommending a treatment for you, the fertility specialist with MCRM Fertility will evaluate your fertility potential. We ask you to fill out a questionnaire about your health, which will give the team a better understanding of your situation before recommending treatment.

We also ask both partners to complete fertility testing. By including male fertility testing, it prevents the assumption that the female is the cause of infertility and allows for a more accurate diagnosis. Female and male testing allows us to rule out or confirm certain issues. Once the fertility specialist has this information, they know which direction to take treatment.

The best fertility treatment will vary based on your diagnosis. Here are some of the most popular choices for patients who come to MCRM Fertility:

1. No Treatment

As counterproductive as it may sound, sometimes the best approach is to do nothing. If the initial evaluation and testing don’t show any obvious issues with either partner, the specialist may recommend that you give it more time.

The team at MCRM Fertility doesn’t recommend unnecessary treatments. We want you to be successful in your journey, and we will choose treatment options that will give you the best chance at conceiving. At times, that may mean we recommend you keep trying on your own for a longer time before turning to other options.

2. Ovulation Induction

Sometimes a woman may have difficulty ovulating even though she is otherwise healthy. In this situation, ovulation induction can increase the likelihood that she will ovulate and have at least one healthy egg.

This treatment requires the use of medications through pills or shots that induce ovulation through the growth of follicles. It can lead to multiple ovulations, which increases the risk of multiple pregnancies.

3. Intrauterine Insemination

Known as IUI or artificial insemination, this treatment can be helpful with minor male infertility or cervical issues. It is often recommended when a man’s sperm count is low or not as mobile as it should be. If the woman’s cervix doesn’t allow the sperm to travel, IUI can be effective in helping the sperm reach the egg. The fertility specialist may recommend IUI if sexual dysfunction is an issue or if testing didn’t reveal any problems.

This treatment can be used in conjunction with ovulation induction to increase the chances of success. It shouldn’t be recommended until both partners have undergone testing, including a comprehensive semen evaluation.

When used in suboptimal situations, the success rate for IUI is often low. For many couples with insurance coverage that includes fertility treatment, IUI is required before moving on to other options.

4. In Vitro Fertilization

Often referred to as IVF, In Vitro Fertilization is the most successful fertility treatment for general issues. It is especially recommended for severe male factor issues and a diminished ovarian reserve. It provides successful results for patients with tubal issues and endometriosis and for those who have multiple issues with both female and male fertility. IVF is also recommended for women who have suffered multiple miscarriages.

The Cost of Treatment

While the MCRM Fertility process of IVF and other fertility treatments maximizes results and minimizes costs, we understand that not everyone has unlimited financial resources for fertility treatments. Our financial team will discuss the costs with you and determine the best option to move forward.

In general, IVF is the most cost-effective fertility treatment for couples. MCRM Fertility has worked to make it even more affordable through our processes. Along with the initial consultation, we offer a diagnostic evaluation of fertility factors, both male and female, and review the results with you.

IVF is a process that requires multiple stages, but it can yield the desired results in the right situation. Before deciding on any treatment, it’s best to schedule an initial consultation. A fertility specialist will walk you through the process and work with you to determine the next step in your pregnancy journey.

The first step for you to take is to contact MCRM Fertility for an appointment. Our team will also be happy to answer any questions you may have about us or fertility treatment before scheduling your consultation. We are your partner on this journey, and we want to help you be successful in building your family.

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