What Can I Expect When I Go To See a Fertility Specialist?

If you are struggling with infertility and considering your first visit to a fertility specialist, you may wonder what to expect from the experience. Our team at MCRM Fertility is here to answer all your questions, put you at ease, and help you feel confident about the next step in your fertility journey. Here is what you can expect when you see a fertility specialist:

Scheduling Your Initial Visit

Scheduling an appointment with an MCRM Fertility specialist is done with compassion and concern for accuracy by our patient advocates. To assist our specialists in preparing for your appointment and to ensure the most effective use of your insurance, our patient advocates will obtain numerous pieces of information regarding yourself and your partner.  This information may include:

  • Demographics
  • Insurance Details (Carrier information, policy number, subscriber details)
  • Basic summary of your recent fertility journey

When you call to schedule your initial appointment be sure you have available your insurance information including your insurance card(s). You may also choose to complete an initial appointment request online.  Our online requests will help you gather the needed information to complete the scheduling process.  Once completed, your request will be submitted to our patient advocates who will contact you within a business day to complete the scheduling process.

In-Person and Telehealth Visits Available

We offer our patients choices and convenience by offering initial visit appointments in-person and via telehealth. When scheduling your initial visit with one of our fertility specialists please let our patient advocate know if you have a particular preference of visit type, provider and/or office location.

Prepare for Your Visit

To assist your fertility specialist in preparing for your visit, we kindly request that you complete your patient portal, thoroughly.  This includes your medical history and any consent forms.  We also recommend that you have any previous medical records, such as prior fertility treatment and/or testing, transferred to MCRM Fertility.  Additionally, be sure to watch any pre-visit videos that may be shared with you. Lastly, prior to your initial visit, take the time to write down any questions or thoughts you may have. This will assist you further in being able to engage with your specialist. 

Warmth and Compassion

We understand that fertility journeys can be difficult, so we aim to make you feel as comfortable as possible in our clinic. When you arrive at MCRM Fertility, you will receive a warm greeting from our patient advocates at the welcome center. They will verify your personal information and patient portal completeness. When you arrive, please be prepared to present our patient advocates with your insurance card(s) and photo ID.  You will then be escorted to your fertility specialist by one of our medical assistants.

Meet With the Fertility Specialist

During your first appointment at MCRM Fertility, you will meet with a fertility specialist to discuss your medical history and fertility goals. Basic discussion of treatment options will be reviewed by your fertility specialist based on your current situation.  However,  personalized treatment plan will be developed for you  once a thorough fertility evaluation has been completed. This evaluation is typically the next step and often includes a review of bloodwork, an ultrasound and/or sperm evaluation.  

Talk With a Financial Counselor

When you finish your appointment with your fertility specialist, you’ll have the opportunity to meet with one of our financial counselors. They will discuss how your insurance will work with our office, any costs associated with your fertility evaluation and can provide general information regarding the costs of treatments and available financing options.

Let’s take this Journey Together

MCRM Fertility provides a personalized experience for each patient on their unique fertility journey. Schedule an initial visit and consultation today to see which treatment option is the best for you and your fertility goals. Request an appointment online or call one of our MCRM Fertility clinics to talk to our patient advocates.

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