Traversing the Emotional Journey of Infertility and Third-Party Reproduction

Tracy Birkinbine speaking at MCRM Fertility about how to cope with infertility and the consideration of use of third-party reproduction.

The journey through infertility, alone,  in addition to the consideration and use of third-party reproduction can be emotionally draining and difficult. Recently, we had the pleasure to sit down with licensed professional counselor, Tracy Birkinbine, of Counseling with TLC, to discuss the topic of traversing infertility and the emotional journey of third-party reproduction to understand more what patient’s and their partners experience, emotionally, and how to cope.

In this half hour podcast, you’ll learn:

  • You’re not alone, You’re 1 in 6
  • Common feelings and emotions to have with a fertility journey
  • Why the emotional journey with fertility is similar to the grieving process
  • Don’t forget about the often-forgotten men and their emotional struggles through fertility
  • What is Third-Party Reproduction?
  • Consideration when choosing an egg donor and/or choosing a sperm donor
  • Importance of preserving your relationship
  • 8 coping mechanisms to utilize to cope with your emotional journey through infertility

We hope you’ll find this helpful and informative.

If you’d like to discuss your fertility, learn more about your options or to learn more about whether third-party reproduction is right for you, speak with one of the MCRM Fertility specialists during an initial consultation appointment. To request an appointment, please complete an online consultation request or call 636-778-9899.

If you’d like to discuss further your emotional journey or are seeking additional emotional support, you may connect with Tracy and Counseling with TLC at [email protected]

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