Secondary Infertility Defeated: A Patient Testimonial

baby girl wrapped in a purple blanket under a rainbow to represent being a rainbow baby

I struggled with secondary infertility.

We had been seen once at another clinic, across town, and the treatment left us feeling more heartbroken and confused. I even cried once we got into the car. I had almost given up hope to expand our family.

Our lives changed after walking through the MCRM doors. At the first appointment, we exchanged tons of information with the nurses and felt our concerns and worries were addressed. We had a picture of how our path could go and knew they would be there every step. Leaving from that appointment, we knew we had found our place and I was willing to drive a 3-hour round trip to stay with MCRM.

MCRM helped us add our rainbow baby to the family.  She was born July 2023. Each staff member cheered and praised every accomplishment and was there to provide support when things didn’t go to plan. They see you as more than just another patient, to everyone at MCRM you are friends/family.

Thank you to all the staff at MCRM.

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