Dr. Peter Ahlering Honored as A Castle Connolly Top Doctor for 2022

Congratulations to MCRM Fertility Medical Director, Dr. Peter Ahlering, for being recognized as a Top Doctor by Castle Connolly for 2022. This honor is recognized in the August 2022 edition of St. Louis Magazine. Dr. Ahlering has been recognized as a Castle Connolly Top Doctor since 2014.   The Castle Connolly Top Doctor recognition is […]

Role of Sperm DNA Fragmentation in Male Infertility   

By Peter M. Ahlering, MD Sperm DNA fragmentation is an advanced parameter measuring semen quality and refers to the percentage of sperm showing breaks in the genetic material.  It has been shown that 25% of men visiting fertility clinics that have normal semen parameters by the conventional testing, will have considerably high DNA fragmentation compared […]

Should Your Consider PGT-A with Your IVF Treatment?

liquid nitrogen tank used for cryopreserving human embryos from IVF

By: Peter Ahlering, MD All humans, at any age, have some risk of producing aneuploid embryos; that is, genetically abnormal embryos with more than or fewer than 46 chromosomes.  We are able to detect whether an embryo is aneuploid or not through the use of pregenetic implantation testing for aneuploidy (PGT-A).  Generally, aneuploid embryos are […]

An Egg and Sperm Crisis

This is an interesting story  recently published by some local media.  The subject is one we had long known is a concern, that sperm counts over the last 30 years have been declining tremendously.  The World Health Organization (WHO) does periodic studies that sets the standard for what is “normal” and the “normal range” for […]

Could supplementation help slow the age-related fertility decline?

This is an interesting article, obviously it is done in aged mice, as opposed to humans.  That said, many people utilize supplementation with antioxidant supplements such as Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), Resveratrol.  There are many others that people feel may be beneficial to ovarian function, sperm function and/or egg and sperm “quality.” While no direct evidence […]

Effects of Platelet-rich Plasma in Treatment of Thin Endometrium

Successful implantation requires a high-quality embryo and sufficient receptive endometrial growth. During implantation, the human endometrium goes through extraordinary changes that are crucial for endometrial and embryonic development. Because of this, it has been essential for clinicians to be sure that the endometrial thickness (ET) and embryo quality are measured or treated in case of […]

Should you be considering sperm cryopreservation?

Freezing eggs with the help of liquid nitrogren

Sperm cryopreservation is a technique which is a recommended strategy to preserve male fertility for men who have low sperm count, low testosterone and/or is in need for cancer care treatment.  The purpose is to cryopreserve sperm, which can last for many years, preserving one’s future fertility potential. When there is existing low sperm count […]